Debuting during this busy weekend for comics, the Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo drew favorable tweets. Jessica at Uncovered Space has a nice little write-up with some pictures, including this one of Frank Santoro and Kevin Huizenga. From the photos, it looks like a nice, well-lit venue, always a plus. Did anyone else attend? Link to your report or give our own comments below.


  1. I wish I could have gone! While Santoro is unquestionably knowledgeable, he’s kinda a jerk, but Jim Rugg, Ed Piskor, and everyone else from Pittsburgh are insanely nice!! Copacetic Comics is the absolute best comic store on the planet and Bill Boichel is the best ambassador for comics ever!

    Geez, I wish I went…. I’m going to go put on Mel-Man’s classic The Mel-Man Delivers and reminisce about how awesome Pittsburgh is….

    I think it’s worth noting Huizenga is smiling! He seems to do that only in Pittsburgh!