Roger Price, who has been running the Mid-Ohio con for 27 years, sent out an open letter over the weekend:

After 27 years, I must regrettably announce that the time has come for me to retire as the promoter of Mid-Ohio-Con.

The difficult decision to take this action is based solely on personal reasons, including a desire to pursue several new professional opportunities.

The show itself remains viable, and it is my sincere desire that Mid-Ohio-Con will continue under new ownership. To that end, R.A.P. Promotions will entertain offers from seriously interested parties starting immediately. Those wishing to obtain additional information and submit an offer are asked to first contact me in writing either via e-mail at < href = "mailto:[email protected]">[email protected], or at PO Box 3831, Mansfield, Ohio 44907.

Since creating Mid-Ohio-Con in 1980, I have had the unique opportunity to watch a small, local gathering of comic book fans and collectors grow into one of the most popular events of its kind in America. During that time I have been blessed with more wonderful life experiences and treasured friendships than I could have ever imagined.

Special thanks must go to my inner circle of family and friends who have given so much to support me and Mid-Ohio-Con. The success and popularity of Mid-Ohio-Con is a testament to all of you.

My sincere thanks to all of the retailers, exhibitors, industry professionals and media personalities who have participated in and supported Mid-Ohio-Con over the years. It has been an honor to work with every one of you.

Finally, to all the thousands of fans and collectors who have become such an important part of the Mid-Ohio-Con family, thank you for allowing me the privilege of entertaining you over the years. I hope we will see each other again in the very near future.


  1. Maybe, we will see the show go Non-Profit. The strongest organization in Ohio is the group running Ohayocon and that is going Non-Profit. I think the most like scenario is that Mid Ohio Con dies permanently (not finding a buyer) or is at least canceled for 2008 and possible 2009.

  2. Roger has always been a great person to work with and his dedication to tying Mid-Ohio-Con to charities throughout the years has been admirable. I will miss hearing him on the PA during future shows (if/when a buyer might be found).

    As an attendee and someone who covered the ’07 show, I found it to be an exceedingly fun event. Mid-Ohio-Con has always had that rare distinction of drawing an interesting group of celebrity guests yet maintaining a laid back feel. Crowds seemed solid in ’07, yet you didn’t feel as rushed when you wanted to talk to a creator or company rep. This last show also featured a solid group of indie creators sharing some of the better work I took in all year.

    If this show fades, it will be a real loss in my opinion.

  3. “Excuse, me, but someone is SELLING a convention? oh, the name of it, oh, I get it. ”

    Well, a convention is, after all, a business, with assets and liabilities and value and all that stuff. Although it may be harder to visualize (or evaluate) the sale of a business that doesn’t seem to trade in tangible goods, trade shows and gatherings and shows and conventions do get bought and sold all the time. Heck, when Wizard moved into organizing conventions, they did so by buying the Chicago Comic-Con…