Launched and active right now, ComiXology have unveiled a subscription feature for their website, allowing readers to buy their comics automatically and get alerts whenever a new issue comes out. The service has immediately gone into effect across the whole range of ongoing series on the site.


As you can see in the above graphic, the new subscribe button is prominently displayed next to every title, along with instructions as to how the subscription can be set up.

This was one of the most demanded features from ComiXology, especially with the changing shipping patterns for certain comics like Hawkeye or Bandette. Given the way Marvel have started double-shipping and DC have introduced issue-skips to allow for Villains Week, this’ll ensure readers can keep up with the books they want to read.


Also now introduced are curated collections, which will allow readers to try out selected comics in a bundle. So at the moment I can see a collection of Image #1 issues, an introduction to Joe Hill, and a Valiant collection, for example. Curated by publishers at a discounted price, you can expect these to grow in number over the next few weeks.


  1. “This will breed imitators, and foster success.”

    For what it’s worth, the Dark Horse app has been selling discounted bundles for ages.

  2. Like the subscriptions and the bundles. Don’t like that they felt the need to get rid of the archiving feature.

  3. Rich, thanks for the clarification. Apparently Dark Horse’s work HAS bred imitators. We’ll see about the ‘foster success’ aspect, I guess.

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