Jacq Cohen, formerly Publicity Coordinator at Dark Horse, will be moving to Fantagraphics to be Director of Publicity and Promotions beside Eric Ryenolds, who was recently promoted to Associate Publisher. It’s a great hire for Fanta, and a great line for Cohen to be plying her trade to promote.

Marc Mason, best known as owner and editor-in-chief of the Comics Waiting Room, recently took over NBM’s publicity duties, a position formerly held by David Seidman, who remains busy with his many other projects.


  1. i really wish NBM would stop being a waste of time and actually do something amazing. they;ve been sitting on a pile of potential since the beginning and it seems that the best they can do is bad porn comics, lame soft core “art books” and halfway decent foreign stuff that they don’t bother to promote properly. everything i’ve ever seen from them smacks of a half ass attempt.

    in short, give us a Corto Maltese library that doesn’t suck and if you have to keep doing porn comics at least make them formally interesting porn comics

  2. I think those Trondheim diary comics are pretty amazing; I derive as much pleasure from those as I do any comic out there.

  3. i just wish i had known about them from any other source other than a single post from you and a single posting on TCJ.

    they seem (in my eyes) to squander every otherwise amazing opportunity they have.

    they have an amazing well of great stuff, and they do nothing with it (imo)