While nothing has quite channeled the Fantastic Four as much s the Ukrainian pairs skaters, the two-man bob competition has given everyone an EYEFUL. With their husky builds and lack of support garments, this is a pretty good idea of what real life superheroes might look like.

Meanwhile on the women’s side, it was the Japanese women’s curling team which won hearts with their manga style:



And over on the bobsled track…

Whoever came up with the idea of this “butt decor” really had an eye for spectacle.



Not quite sure what’s happening here, but it’s awesome!

The USA’s super twitchy pilot could be a star in an episode of CSI.

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And an oldie but good, as Sonic hits the short track speed skating rink.


  1. hockey day in vancouver…. canada vs us, sweden vs finland, russia vs czech republic

    Not only is curling great to watch, but there are a lot of lovely ladies competing this year.

    The over/under of this thread is 4.

  2. The left glove that short track speed skaters wear–the one with the extended tips for traction when it touches the ice–always reminds me of Marvel’s villain The Beetle for some reason…

  3. I’m sorry but except for being Japanese, I really don’t know what else is “manga style” about the Japanese Womens’ Curling Team. It’s not like they’re dressed up like the Sailor Moon team. Their uniforms are virtually identical substance to the other womens’ curling teams.

  4. Chris, I was going to make a similar comment, thanks for posting that. The Beat’s observation is, at best, lame and smallminded and, at worst, marginally racist.

  5. That CIS bobsledder? Curt Tomasevicz, from Shelby, Nebraska. Not only is he a medal favorite, he was an academic All-American playing football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, as a linebacker and running back. That corn-fed beefcake has brains, too: a bachelor and master’s of science degree in electrical engineering with a minor in astronomy.

  6. And I supposed no one noticed the MachGoGoGo-style blurred backgrounds in the second photo?

    After all this outcry I hear you all loud and clear — no more photos of attractive female athletes will be posted on The Beat!

  7. Umm, wow? The “R” word? On a post like this? How does one make it through the day being as sensitive as an open nerve ending? The blurred background (or speed lines in print) is practically a staple of manga. I’d even go so far as to say the sporty pinstriping on the uniform is somewhat comics style. My main concern, however, is the threat of “attractive female athlete” photos not being posted. On behalf of the rest of us loyal readers who don’t misconstrue kawaii as some sort of affront, I say, as you were. Acquiescing to the fringe minority can be a slippery slope…

  8. Well, I like speed lines as much as the next guy, and if no. 2 had been the first photo and above-the-fold, cool. Still, even though the Beat is equal-opportunity about her cake pander, the actual first one is clearly the most tenously panderiest of the lot.

  9. “After all this outcry I hear you all loud and clear — no more photos of attractive female athletes will be posted on The Beat!”

    I hope that’s a personal decision and not a blog-wide edict, especially since I’ve withheld the temptation to post pictures of the cute 19-year old British curling skip with the Suicide Girls hair.

  10. So maybe the first photo isn’t very manga/anime styled, it sure as Hell IS Kawaii!!
    Actually it does look like the cover art to some sort of Shojo sports Manga to me; I mean, come on, the two outer figures are in motion while they frame the central figure who is still and looking right at us; this is dramatic layouts 101 here! One is looking down- she’s the timid one who will blossom during the difficult Championship game; One is looking at us with an open expression- she’s the one who has a good heart but imperils the team with her need for attention; the center one is the mastermind with her calculating aloof gaze, for her the road to victory is assured but her path to human happiness will be more difficult!
    Some forms of “racism” aren’t as bad as others. This is downright sweet “racism” here…
    Laugh and settle for celebrating diversity, as we say out here in San Francisco!

  11. Okay, let me make sure I’ve got this straight. I’m sensitive as a raw nerve and Anything Japanese = manga. Got it. So I guess Anything Irish = drunks, Anything Italian = mafia and so on. Thanks for enlightening me, fandom!

  12. Okay, let me make sure I’ve got this straight — Manga is the equivalent of drunkenness and organized crime? and I’M the racist?

    Matt Kish, I was going to leave this alone but your comment has revealed that you are the one with the problem. Manga is a Japanese art form, featuring mostly Japanese characters — what on earth is negative about that? Not all national characteristics are shameful or stereotyped, unlike your own views, Matt.