Brendan McCarthy does a Doctor Strange comic:

I’ve been commissioned by Marvel Comics to write and draw a new Dr Strange and Spider-Man three issue mini series. I’m just getting into it and I expect it to be finished early next year. It’s quite a thrill to finally get to draw the Doctor, my favourite Marvel character – and Spidey too.

To harmonise myself with the sublime ‘Ditko Dimension’, I have been digitally remixing some of his original 60’s pages, trying to get a feel for them from another ‘fresh’ visual angle… And in doing so, realizing just what a total genius he is.

Somewhat related: Eric Reynolds makes a convincing case for Marvel licensing Dr. Strange out to Fantagraphics:

I was thinking this morning that the two artists we’ve published of late with perhaps the most “heat” at the moment are Dash Shaw and Steve Ditko. Which then reminded me of Dash’s unpublished Dr. Strange strip (see below), and inevitably led me to one conclusion: that really, Marvel Comics should give Dr. Strange to Fantagraphics. Marvel doesn’t know what the fuck to do with him. Give him to us and we’ll start an ongoing Dr. Strange anthology with new work by Los Bros, Dash Shaw, Daniel Clowes, Kim Deitch, and other longtime Ditko fans, and include reprints of the classic Ditko Strange as well. Joe Quesada, it is your moral duty to make this happen.


  1. It’s quite simple… Marvel replicates DC’s “Bizarro World” model, producing a Dr. Strange anthology featuring stories by various independent cartoonists.

    You know what would be REALLY cool? A Dr. Strange Pop-Up book!

  2. Marvel Dr. Strange stamps with LSD….

    Or you lick the cover before you read the comic! “Lick and Look” instead of “Scratch and Sniff”!

    (Do not drop acid while reading a Marvel flexographic comic… Just don’t.)

  3. My butt seems to be showing no signs of expelling flying monkeys, so I wouldn’t advise Eric to hold his breath waiting for this to happen.

  4. Wasn’t there a an anthology book by indie creators on the way from Marvel? Is that still forthcoming or was that quietly shelved?

    And I second the Acme Novelty Library crossover.

  5. K – there was a little independent 96 page digest that made the rounds a few years called Goober Skeeter or something of that ilk which featured a Hulk story done by James Kolchaka. It also had parodies of the X-men and Spider-man.

    I forgot who did the Spider-man story though, but it was a freakin riot. I’m going have dig that one out of storage one day.

    You might want to seek that out.



  6. Eric,

    You’ve got to give us fanboys a show of good faith here:

    Revive “Amazing Heroes” and maybe we’ll believe you’re serious.


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