Welcome to The Beat’s crowdfunding round-up: a collection of some of our favorite campaigns from the week including one-shots, on-goings, anthologies and everything in-between! This week, we’re checking out the continued sci-fi/fantasy series, Starside #3, a Dean Ormston documentary, and more.

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Dean Ormston – Working-class Superhero

dean ormston documentary

Creators: Paul Ross (documentarian)
Goal: $7,534
End date: August, 31, 2020
Goodies: Get first access to this documentary for $13, a limited-edition print for $57, or add your name to the credits with higher pledges. 

Documentary about Dean Ormston, celebrated artist and his journey back from a brain injury that left him unable to draw.

Videographer Paul Ross has worked in the commercial industry for nearly a decade, and recently decided to lend his talents to graphic novels. With this campaign, he hopes to create a documentary following the life of artist Dean Ormston (Black Hammer, 2000AD), told through narration and interviews with Ormston, as well as those who’ve known him. Ross aims to create a 1-hour documentary with this campaign, as well as a series examining the process of comic book creation.

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My Great Grandfather, the Alien

my great grandfather the alien

Creators: Katie Carmichael (author)
Goal: $628
End date: August 7, 2020
Goodies: Jump on board with an e-book for $13, grab a physical version for $19, as well as an audio book, signed print, and more.

A graphic novel chronicle of a Depression-era human of New York | Scrapbook-style account of a gripping ancestral tale.

Before Carmichael authored this book, all she knew about her Scottish grandfather was that he was murdered in New York. After researching, she uncovered his real story. He spent time working on secret military experiments in Manhattan, traveling with notorious US organizations, and eventually dying as a result of his penchant for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Structured as a graphic novel/scrapbook, this adventure through time is a perfect reminder of the niche comics that come out of crowdfunding.

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7 Inch Kara Volume 2: An All Ages Watercolor Comic

7 inch kara

Creators: Becca Hillburn (author)
Goal: $7,500
End date: August 10, 2020
Goodies: For $10, you get a digital copy of volumes 1 and 2, a physical version is $25, and higher tiers include wooden charm sets, inked sketches, and more.

It’s a big world when you’re 7 inches tall.

Mention watercolors and comics, and just watch as ears perk up. 7” Kara is just that, and a story told through the perspective of an eleven-year-old girl smaller than a ruler who discovers that life is much bigger than she thought it was. It’s an all-ages book exploring nature and family, aims to provide an escape into the outdoors – something even adults need these days – and portrays realistic family dynamics that teaches young readers how to navigate tricky relationships. On the campaign page, Hillburn also notes a list of several different topics the Kara series can be used to teach.

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Starside #3

starside #3

Creators: Dylan Klein (writer), Lane Brettschneider (co-writer, manager), Jordan Chao (artist)
Goal: $500
End date: August 13, 2020
Goodies: A digital copy of Starside #1 is just $2 (catch up on the whole series for $5), physical is $4, and higher tiers include enamel pins, variants, and more.

Starside is a sci-fi/fantasy series about a teenager who is thrown into an intergalactic war and discovers Humanity’s greater purpose.

As a card-holding sucker for sci-fi/fantasy with killer art, I was immediately captured by Starside’s preview pages. Artist Chao has a definite eye for style, and elicits a warm space setting with dynamic structure and all kinds of interesting alien design. The story of Starside follows a teen at the frontline of an alien invasion, a premise our friends at ComicBookYeti say is “familiar, but unpredictable.” Not to mention that $5 for all three issues is a total steal. 

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Fairy Quest #3 – Over, Under and Through

fairy quest #3

Creators: Paul Jenkins (writer), Mike Bowden (artist), Humberto Ramos (cover artist), Leonardo Olea (colorist)
Goal: $40,000
End date: August 8, 2020
Goodies: Price of admission is $15 and includes digital versions of all 3 issues of the series, while the print version of this third issue is $30, and higher tiers include backissues, variant covers from Kevin Eastman, and more.

We’re bringing back Fairy Quest with a brand new chapter… and we’re getting #1 and #2 back in print!

Fairy Quest began almost a decade ago, telling and re-telling the stories of famous characters like Little Red Riding Hood in a world where they only live to relive their most well-known stories. Now, Jenkins is bringing the creative team back together for one last run. The primary goal for this campaign is to create a high-quality hardcover of issue #3, complete with embossing, as well as to bring previous issues back into print. On top of that, backers can also anticipate a foreword by Gail Simone, as well as cover art from Kevin Eastman, Humberto Ramos, Jill Thompson, and more.

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