Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up. Join us for a look into an overbearing Mech father, a cyberpunk fan’s dream, an interesting new take on a crime series, and much more.

Parent/Guardian #1

Creators: Kyle Roberts (writer, artist), Michael Woods (colorist)
Goal: $5,500
End Date: April 26
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for $6, the comic for $15, the variant cover for $25 or other exclusives, such as previous releases, original art and commissions.

As humanity has stripped the Earth of much of its natural resources, the process of exploring the universe in an attempt to find a new home has begun. In response, nearly all energy production has moved off planet. The inner planetary system, and all space exploration, relies on the mining and refining of rare-earth metals found in the asteroid belts beyond Mars.

When you read the title Parent/Gaurdian, this comic’s story seems to be pretty self-explanatory — that is until you realize the story is about a giant Mech that has absorbed the consciousness of its previous pilot, who happened the be the father of the main protagonist. If that doesn’t sell the comic for you, you should check out its preview pages, which feature fantastic art and an engrossing story. 

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Killtopia: Nano Jams – A Cyberpunk Comic Anthology

Creators: Dave Cook (creator/writer) 
Goal: $25,090
End Date: April 28 
Goodies: Get the digital PDF for 8 GBP, the physical comic for 15 GBP, an art print for 20 GBP, or other exclusive editions and collections. 

Killtopia: Nano Jams is the first 100% STANDALONE story anthology set in the universe of Killtopia, the award-winning cyberpunk comic series created and written by author Dave Cook.

THE BOOK: With over 70 full-colour, perfect bound pages of story, Killtopia: Nano Jams is a blend of BLACK MIRROR’S satirical take on media technology and the wicked cyberpunk stylings of AKIRA, BLADE RUNNER + GHOST IN THE SHELL.

THE STORIES: The book features 20+ short stories that explore how today’s media technology could evolve in Killtopia’s warped cyberpunk city of Neo Tokyo – from an Amazon Alexa with a god complex, to a craze of mind-controlled video games.

THE TALENT: The book has been created by over 40 talented writers, artists, colourists and collaborators from the comic book and video game industries. You can learn more about each of them and see their work on the official Killtopia site.

With 40 diverse creators working on this project, Killtopia offers readers a unique cyberpunk anthology experience. Reminding us of the Twilight Zone through a modern lens, we at The Beat can’t wait to see how the Killtopia campaign does. Be sure not to miss out.

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Every Last One #1 

Creators: Gary Chudleigh (writer), Daniel Coloma (artist) 
Goal: $4,767
End Date: May 1
Goodies: The digital PDF, the print copy of the comic, a “Dark Web” edition, bookmarks, prints, sketches and more.

Every Last One is a 4-issue miniseries which begins with this exclusive first issue. Set in the drab, Gotham-like city of Glasgow, the story follows a brutal case where the impossible becomes possible. A serial killer is on a rampage using powers beyond our understanding.

Every Last One is well on its way to being funded, riding more than $2,500 raised with 100-plus backers. With a story centered around a superhuman serial killer, a rookie detective with a lot to prove, and a telepath — all fantastically drawn by Coloma — this comic has a lot in store for readers.

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The Fury, The Maelstrom, and The Kiwi

Creators: M.H. Cali (writer/creaotr), Elsa Charretier, (artist), Liana Kangas (artist), Skylar Patridge (artist), and more 
Goal: $8,000
End Date: May 9
Goodies: Get the $15 digital PDF, the paperback cover A for $26, cover B for $28, or other covers, prints, and T-shirts at higher tiers.

This is a story about revenge.
A story about having nothing left to lose.
This is definitely not a tale about redemption.
Because once you’ve fallen this far, there’s no way back. Darkness will consume you until your soul is dimmed, and your ideals have vanished.
You’ve been warned.

It’s Kill Bill meets Atomic Blonde in this sapphic spy tale by an all-star lineup of creators.

The Fury, The Maelstrom, and The Kiwi captivates with stunning artistic visions curated by a phenomenal crew of diverse talents … fueling our excitement as we anticipate what this comic will present. With enticing preview pages, it’s clear that The Fury, The Maelstrom, and The Kiwi is poised to be a remarkable addition to the world of suspense and romance comics.

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BOXES Comics Magazine Vol. 2

Creators: ThirdBear Press
Goal: $6,272
End Date: May 5
Goodies: Get the digital PDF, the physical copy, the physical copy with a tote bag, an A5 print pack and other exclusive bundles.

BOXES Comic Magazine is an on-going comics anthology collecting new short comics from a diverse range of UK based creators. This is the 2nd volume after the debut collection was successfully Kickstarted in August 2023.

This new volume contains comics from Kamila Krol, Kai Dylan, Manon Wright, Shri Gunasekara, Sarah Allan, Cath Garvey and returning creators Enrico Ariis, Julie Campbell and Mark Brady, with articles from Gareth Brookes and Michael Torrens and is edited by Steven Ingram.

Just from the preview of the artwork littered throughout the Kickstarter page for BOXES you already can see the diverse cast of artists/writers that have worked on this magazine. You also see the love and effort that was poured into this project, and you should take a long look at it — it’s astonishing. 

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