Welcome to The Beat’s crowdfunding round-up: a collection of some of our favorite campaigns from the week including one-shots, on-goings, anthologies and everything in-between. This week, we’re checking out sever debut series, including the boy-and-dinosaur story of Nil, the dark fantasy world of The Nekros, and more.

Let’s get started!

Planet Comics – issue #2!

planet comics

Creators: Jeff McClelland (writer), Andrea Schiavone (artist), Rafer Roberts, Mike Norton, Marissa Louse, Crank, Dani Grew, Larry Franks
Goal: $3,000
End date: March 29, 2021
Goodies: Grab a PDF for $8, get the physical version for $12, or pledge more for back issues, variants, and more.

The retro sci-fi comics anthology returns for a big second issue!

Planet Comics is returning for more golden age sci-fi adventures. Paying homage to the original 1940s pulp magazine, this collection will continue a few storylines from the debut issue, as well as introduce a some new ones in a 40+ page, full-color comic. This time around, stories will follow a Kirby-esque adventure through a black hole, the continued The Old Man and the Sea of Love, and not one, but two stories each with their own unique good dogs. 

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But I’m A Cat Person – Master’s Edition complete boxset

but im a cat person

Creators: Erin Ptah (author)
Goal: $9,900
End date: March 26, 2021
Goodies: Get all three digital volumes digitally for $25, or get the physical version for $120 along with an exclusive min-print, digital wallpaper set, and more.

Broke queer millennials accidentally adopt a magical shapeshifting battle monster. Big beautiful omnibus edition of the full series!

But I’m a Cat Person is a familiar story – it follows two queer millennials, recently graduated, down on their luck and looking for work. They find a pet and the usual problems arise: it’s an immortal shapeshifting battle monster whose presence pulls its owners into a magical war against the rich and powerful. This campaign will bring all three volumes of the series to print, collecting 9 years of the acclaimed webcomic in nearly 1,000 (yes, one thousand) pages.

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The Nekros #1: A Dark Fantasy Thriller

the nekros

Creators: DC Burton (writer), EMax (artist), Gitizee (colorist)
Goal: $1,200
End date: March 24, 2021
Goodies: The digital version is $5, the physical is $10, and higher tiers include prints in signed or metal varieties.

Clash of the Titans meets Alien in this epic tale of man vs. beast.

The Nekros is set in a dark fantasy world where – in most cases – the titular creatures are battled for survival and honor. For Mathias, though, it’s something more. His father was killed by the Nekros six years ago, and it’s that weight he carries that spurs him into learning more about the link between the gods he and his people worship and the demons that kill them. This first entry is nearing completion, and will be the first of a planned eight-part saga.

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NIL – Issue #1


Creators: Aaron Sullivan (writer), Tadd Galusha (artist), Mikael Hankonen (colorist), DC Hopkins (letterer)
Goal: $7,000
End date: March 26, 2021
Goodies: Grab the digital version for $5, go physical for $10, or pledge more for decals, enamel pins, and more. 

The survivor of a decimated tribal nation battles his anger and grief as he integrates into modern society with his dinosaur companion in Nil. 

It’s tough enough being a teen and figuring out how to navigate things like school. It’s much more difficult when you feel isolated and that your only real friend is an endling dinosaur with whom you have an empathic connection, and is also one of the last remnants of your culture. That’s life for Nil, the title protagonist of this upcoming series. Jump on board this first issue of Nil for 24-pages of full-color content, and the introduction to this story of anger, grief, and growing up.

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Young Rebels #1: YA Superhero Team

young rebels

Creators: Marcel Dupree (writer), Alti Firmansyah (artist)
Goal: $4,800
End date: March 16, 2021
Goodies: Grab a digital version for $5, go physical for $10, or pledge more for additional comics, prints, and more.

Tech prodigy Marco Martinez creates a team of teen superheroes to prevent an apocalypse that they’re supposed to create. 

Young Rebels is the next all-ages story of super-powered teens. It follows an over-ambitious boy genius who dreams of creating a viable means of time travel – and predictably ends up in a huge mess. It’s up to his new friends, an alien, a wizard, a gladiator, and a psychic, to help him and save the world. This debut issue will be 32-pages and fully colored. For a look at character bios and a preview, head over to the campaign page.

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