042709 Surrogates
A bunch of movie sites are posting today that a viral teaser poster for THE SURROGATES has been released (more, see Splash Page.) While the fellow in the ad does look a bit like Bruce Willis, who stars in the film, we’re told by Chris Staros and others that it is actually one of the fake ads for the story’s Virtual Self Inc (VSI) Corporation which ran on the back of the singles of the series, published by Top Shelf.

Has Disney re-released the comics ad as a teaser poster? Or did some scamp send this out to see who would bite?


  1. I don’t think it’s a “some scamp sent this out to see who would bite” thing. It was more like someone simply realized that this great ad had never been scanned and posted online before, so they did it. The fact that so many sites are picking it up just shows how little exposure the ad received. Heck, I hadn’t seen it before today, either.

    What I’m wondering, is why someone at Disney who makes a whole lot of money to promote “Surrogates” didn’t think to release this image as a poster before now! *shrug*

  2. obviously, The Beat, you bit! :D

    But that guy looks NOTHING like either Willis or Obama! People need their eyes checked! ;)

  3. I’m guessing that’s not an official teaser poster. Here’s the proof: The Virtual Self logo, as seen in the poster, is the one from the comics and graphic novels and was designed by Jim Titus. I love Jim’s logo and was sad they didn’t use it in the movie. If you go to http://www.ChooseYourSurrogate.com/ you’ll see the movie logo.