Starting Monday July 11, Henry Barajas will be joining the faculty of Milford High School as the new writer on the Gil Thorp syndicated sports strip. The news was announced via the Tribune Content Agency.

In a post the Tribune Content Agency said,

“The unique storylines of Gil Thorp will have a new voice…graphic novel author Henry Barajas, a Latinx author based in Los Angeles. Barajas takes over for Neal Rubin”

Henry, as quoted in the post:

Gil Thorp is a classic, timeless comic strip… I hope to do Gil justice to keep current fans engaged while introducing new readers.”


“I’m passionate when it comes to comic strips — and Gil Thorp holds a special place in my heart. I’m excited to tell the best story while putting the titular character and his loved ones through some tough times. Let’s say Gil Thorp will face 2022 real-world problems.”

Henry is a writer and journalist who has produced comics work for Image, DC and Marvel. In 2019, Henry wrote and co-authored an acclaimed graphic novel about his great-grandfather with artist J. Gonzo, La Voz De M.A.Y.O.: Tata Rambo, more recently he authored the fantasy Helm Greycastle. Henry served as Top Cow’s Director of Operations until 2021 and is currently Marketing Manager at Oni Press. Most importantly – of all these solid hits on his curriculum vitae – Henry was a member of our motley crew here at Stately Beat Manor from 2012 to 2016.

Gil Thorp is a long-running syndicated sports strip created by Jack Berrill and published by the Tribune Content Agency since 1958. The strip is centred around fictional high school athletic director Gil Thorp, who coaches the football, baseball and basketball teams. Alongside the sports aspect of the series, it has touched on topical themes relevant to the lives of young people of the day and has become a favorite read among a core following of adults and kids. The series currently runs daily, from Monday to Saturday.

Berrill was the sole author of Gil Thorp until 1993 when sight issues made him turn over the artist’s reigns to Warren Sattler. After Berrill’s death the strip has had a small succession of longstanding writers and artists carry on the series. Since 2004 the series has been written by Neil Rubin. Henry will be picking up the torch from Rubin alongside Rod Whigham who has been artist on the strip since 2008.

You will be able to find the Gil Thorp series on GoComics.

Congratulations Henry!