Begun these distribution wars have! Well, sort of. Our inbox received an email announcing the launch of the directly-named Comic Distro, a new distributor for comics. It is kind of a micro-distributor at this point, with companies like eigoMANGA, probably the best known publisher, and Spoof Comics. The eigoMANGA founder Austin Osueke also runs Comic Distro, so it’s all connected.

Comic Distro does have a fairly novel business model: Basically, it’s all print on demand. Retailers order the books on the website and fulfillment partner Robinson Anderson, a printer in Northern California, prints and ships the comics. Probably not a plan that could scale, but again, this is a small distributor for very small publishers who are looking to get more exposure in comics shops.

The PR has more details, so I’ll let it speak for itself.

Comic Distro launches its comic book distribution company, on April 18, 2021. Operating from San Jose, California, Comic Distro provides a distribution service to comic book publishers looking to sell their comic books direct to stores.

“We aim to democratize the business of comic book distribution to be more accessible and practical for comic book publishers and retailers,” says Austin Osueke, founder of Comic Distro.

Comic Distro’s distribution service is its website, The website serves as a Business-to-Business marketplace for comic book publishers to sell to retailers. Publishers start by uploading their digital files to the website; they set the price and printing details of their comics. Retailers visit to discover and buy comic books for their stores. Those orders are sent to Comic Distro’s independent print fulfillment partner, Robinson Anderson. From there, they print and ship the comic books to stores. Publishers are notified whenever their comics are sold; they can access real-time sales reports and receive payment. also provides social media sharing and messaging components that publishers and retailers can utilize to directly communicate with each other to build business loyalty. Creating a account is free for publishers and retailers; publishers don’t pay any upfront costs to utilize the service which includes printing and shipping their comic books.

Comic Distro provides numerous benefits for publishers and retailers, for instance, the platform is designed to be easy to use for everyone. A publisher’s comics are in a digital catalog for retailers to re-order at any time. Retailers benefit from Comic Distro’s centralized print fulfillment that guarantees quality books and on-time delivery. Publishers make more money because they never have to pay any costs associated with distributing comics to stores. Comic Distro also has the lowest commission rates compared to other comic book distribution companies. Retailers save more money because they can buy comics at low discounts which provide an even greater margin on their retail selling price.

“We felt that there was a need for a better way to distribute and sell comic books directly to stores, and this resource needs to be accessible to all types of comic book publishers, regardless of their size,” says Austin Osueke.

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