The SDCC updated its website this week, and even has a few hints as to Programming, something normally kept under wraps until the Monday before the show. Word on the street had been that the con will be making some tinkers with its formula to acknowledge the logistical reality of 100,000+ people, and some are alluded to here:

A 15-minute break will be introduced between panels in our bigger programming rooms. We will NOT clear the audience in these four rooms, Hall H (6,500 seats), Ballroom 20 (4,250 seats), Rooms 6A and 6B (1,000 seats each), and 6CDEF (each 2,000 seats), but we will utilize the 15-minute break period to allow people to leave and come in. If you want to “camp” all day in Hall H or any of our program rooms while they’re open, it’s okay. (We love the campers, but you can’t stay overnight. Sorry.)

We’re introducing larger programming rooms for two of our more popular tracks, the Comic Arts Conference and our “Comic-Con Classroom” series of workshops and seminars. These rooms will be located in the bayside hallway of the newer section of the Convention Center, above Hall H. The CAC’s new home will be Room 30AB, which seats over 330 people. The workshops will be located in Room 30CDE, which will contain over 300 seats in a “classroom” style setting, with tables and chairs, to better facilitate note-taking and drawing.

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  1. Man, new years came up fast this year. I’m not ready, but I’m always looking forward to comic con, for the year does truly start after San Diego, for those as ensconced in the business as we. It’s nice to see that it’s run by folks who care about it as much as the people who attend. What a great time. I love being surrounded by people as in love with comics as I, but at the same time, being able to get away from things and go have lunch on the bay. I ask anyone posting here, what’s your favorite thing about the con?

  2. And, acknowledging last year’s sold out Saturday, Comic-Con is introducing a 3-Day Membership, which includes Thu/Fri/Sun + Preview Night, but not Saturday.

    My favorite thing about Comic-Con is meeting the creators of my favorite comics.