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The fianl two days of programming are UP for this year’s show.

Friday! where you separate the men from the boys:
Kevin Feige! Lego! Craig McCracken! Jim Starlin! The Watchmen in Hall H! Zack Penn! Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright! Connie Willis! Scott McCloud! Darlton! Rutu Modan! An Introduction to Webcomics! Lynda Barry! Parsons College of Art & Design! Brian Wood! Frank Miller! Jackson Publick! Kim Deitch! Final Crisis! Wentworth Miller! Klingon Lifestyles Presentation!

…aaaaaaand SATURDAY the dividing line between sanity and unsanity:
Method Man! Matt Groening! Maurice LaMarche! Hayden Panettiere! Mike Mignola! Dave GIbbons! Shirley Manson! Tori Amos! Dean Koontz! The Lost panel! Denis Kitchen! Tite Kubo! Dan Vado! Blair Butler! Todd Klein! Grant Morrison AND Gerard Way! Bill Willingham! Little Lulu! Joe Staton! Kim Deitch! JMS! Casper Van Dien! TV Guide!


Meanwhile, we think this is a first, now you can sort the programming list by types of programming….so here’s the “Comic Book” programming, which is pretty much a whole convention in itself.


  1. Two weeks from now is going to be a massively fun four days. I wish I could be there, but the fun is going to be reading all of the coverage including the Beat’s.

  2. I am sooooo screwed on Friday. I’ll be there from at least as early as 8am to get in line for the Stargate Panel in Ballroom 20 until at least 10:30 that night to watch the season premiere of Eureka. And perhaps stay until midnight for Dr. Horrible. Agh!

    Oddly enough, for a comics collector, I go to very few, if any comics panels at Comic-Con. Too much shuffling back and forth between different rooms. ‘Tis better for someone like me who tires easily to stay in one room for longer stretches, hence, doing Hall H and Ballroom 20 a lot.

    — Rob

  3. I’m so excited I could burst. Forget about New Years Eve. This is when the old year ends, and the new one begins for me. This will be my 16th year of going to comic con, and it never gets old for me. I won’t be going to very many panels, as I love to be able to talk to the artist and writers of what I love, in the exhibit hall.

  4. well…thursday is the MORTAL COMBAT VS THE DCU PANEL with me and Ed Boon hosting. its about superheroes in a video game and should be listed here…

    its at 11:15 in room 6b. please come by and say hi.



  5. Grumble Grumble Grumble

    Pushing Dasies, my favorite new show and one of the few TV related panels that I wanted to go to, and it’s up against Ray Bradbury.

    Forget about being from Carggg, I want to be Jamie Madrox


  6. Wishing I was making the trip, just for this:

    Saturday, July 26
    11:30-12:30 Image Comics/Tori Amos— 17 years ago, history was made at Comic-Con, when a kid gave Neil Gaiman a tape of her music. Now, Indie music icon and multiplatinum recording artist Tori Amos comes to Comic-Con to talk about Comic Book Tattoo, the new 480-page coffeetable-format anthology from Image Comics containing over 50 stories based on songs and music from her entire discography. Tori is joined by project editor Rantz Hoseley, as well as some of the contributing creators, including David Mack, Elizabeth Genco, Ted McKeever, and Kelly Sue DeConnick. Seating is limited, so be there early to hear Tori, the panel, and moderator Douglas Wolk talk about the long journey that resulted in one of the most exciting comics projects of the decade! Room 6B

  7. It seems like the panel programming is going far later into the evening this year. Talk about action-packed! And exhausting!

  8. I think that the Big Bang Theory panel should be simulcast to every room in the center. It’s going to be, like, This Is Your Life for all 125,000 of us. ;)

    — Rob

  9. Oh man…my first SDCC. Watch my brain explode from too many choices.

    Fortunately, past adventures in Dragon*Cons have helped me prepare myself, on a smaller scale.