OOOOOOKAY. The seconds are ticking down, and unlike the massive news dumps on July 18th of past years, everyone is rolling our their news well ahead of time. so up until the big day (in two weeks…eeek!) we’ll be summarizing the daily newsy doin’s.
• The CCI folks rolled out their own official countdown feature!

Yep, it’s that time again! Downtown San Diego-in the Gaslamp, clear up and down Market Street, and on Harbor Drive along the big bay all the way out to the airport-is all dressed up with Comic-Con banners. This year’s edition features the upcoming DreamWorks movie Real Steel. That’s “Noisy Boy” in the left photo and the movie logo on the right. San Diego is ready for you…are you ready for San Diego and Comic-Con?

• The CCI folks ALSO rolled out a new service called Creator Connection:

Are you a writer with a great idea for a comic book series, but you can’t draw…or maybe you’re an artist looking for a great script to draw? Perhaps both of you are looking to jumpstart your careers in comics. At Comic-Con 2011, you just might find each other! After successful programs at Comic-Con’s other events, APE, the Alternative Press Expo (in October 2010), and WonderCon (in April), the Comic Creator Connection comes to Comic-Con International.

Writer slots are already filled but they are still looking for artists.

• Robot 6 runs down Fantagraphics’ annual treasure trove of releases including Love & Rockets New Stories 4, Mark Twain’s Autobiography by Michael Kupperman, and The Raven by Lou Reed and Lorenzo Mattotti, along with 19 other amazing books.

• People are SHOCKED that there won’t be an Avengers panel at Comic-Con, but there may be a wee bit of promo for CAPTAIN AMERICA which opens the Friday of the con.

Well, there will be no panel, but Heat Vision has learned that, while details are still being worked out, Marvel and Paramount, which is distributing the film, are planning a military salute that would involving star Chris Evans and soldiers stationed in San Diego. Evans would also attend the Con to do to signings at the Marvel booth.

That won’t be crowded.

• Ugo notes that a movie about LARPING featuring a bevy of nerdlebrity favorites will be making an appearance in Hall H. It is called Knights of Badassdom and it sound awesomedom. It starts Steve Zahn, Ryan Kwanten, Danny Pudi, Summer Glau, and Peter Dinklage.

• Meanwhile, COWBOYS & ALIENS will have its red carpet premiere at the Civic Theatre on Saturday. Red carpet begins at 7 pm, and you will see Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, and Olivia Wilde. 2000 tickets will be given to lucky Comic-Con attendees. If things get dull, this could be something to do.


  1. Hmm.

    Downtown banners promoting Hugh Jackman’s DREAMWORKS’ robots flick— the star of CAPTAIN AMERICA doing a special Military viewing of the film and appearing to sign autographs in the MARVEL booth (unmentioned here, but rumored to be done as the SHIELD Helicarrier Command Center)— Nerd-bait KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM there in Hall H (hopefully it’ll do better Box Office returns than that similar NYCC-promoted YOUR HIGHNESS)— the World? Premiere of COWBOYS AND ALIENS for lucky fans going to SDCC—

    And I thought major Hollywood Studios were skipping this year’s SDCC, as re-reported and Tweeted here and elsewhere!

    Good thing there was this to update NYTimes’selectively-focused article of a couple of weeks back…

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