200610090326It’s never too early to start planning as San Diego has just announced their first group of special guests for ’07.
Alison Bechdel
Renée French
Neil Gaiman
Rick Geary
George Gladir
Allan Heinberg
Adam Hughes
Miriam Katin
Mel Keefer
Scott Kurtz
Joseph Michael Linsner
Lily Renee Phillips
Joann Sfar
Ben Templesmith
Roy Thomas
Mark Verheiden
J. H. Williams III
Kent Williams
F. Paul Wilson

The one we are most excited about is Lily Renee Phillips, the Fiction House artist. To quote the SDCC website:

Lily Renee (Wilhelms) Phillips is known to Golden Age comics collectors as one of Fiction House’s primo “Good Girl” artists. From 1943 to 1948 she drew covers and such features as “The Lost World,” “Senorita Rio,” and “Werewolf Hunters” for Planet Comics, Rangers Comics, and Fight Comics. With her then-husband Eric Peters, she also drew covers and interior stories for a number of Abbott & Costello Comics. Comic-Con 2007 will be her first appearance at a comic convention of any kind!

We were thrilled to find out that Renee was alive and kicking, and to see her feted at comics biggest show is indeed cool.


  1. Predictable rock stars? Like who? Mel Keefer? Miriam Katin? Joann Sfar? Lily Renee? F. Paul Wilson? Renee French? Scott Kurtz? The only comics “rock star” type on this list is Neil Gaiman, and he’s not “predictable,” as he has not been a CCI guest for several years (although he has done some pop-in appearances on behalf of movie studios).

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