Do YOU want to join the most dynamic team in comics? Do YOU want to win fame, fortune, glory and free copies of BLEACH? Do YOU want to storm the shores of Toontown and hear the lamentation of the women while smelling bacon in the morning?

Well then, we may just have the opportunity for you!

Both the PW Comics Dept. and The Beat are looking for interns!

The PW Comics Dept. opening is for someone with a journalism background. Hours are extremely flexible. Knowledge of Microsoft Office, spread sheets etc necessary. Ability to open boxes, affix labels and look up pub dates on Amazon a plus. This is a non-paying position but a great opportunity to get into the ground level of publishing and journalism not to mention comics. Writing ability will be taken into consideration and there will be plenty of opportunities for writing, reviewing or whatever you want to do.

The Beat position is a virtual one, and will involve some coding, some posting, some proofreading, adding sidebar links, and so on. Again, non paying, but a great opportunity to get in on the first floor of big league blogging and also much room for growth. Local candidates will also be considered with even more opportunities for non paying grunt work that will make you feel extremely good about yourself. Candidates should be able to master “That Barton Fink feeling.”

If you are attending New York Comic-Con, come drop off your resume at the Publishers Weekly booth, #1164. We will NOT be conducting interviews at the show. However we will be collecting resumes. Please indicate which position you are interested in: if the PW position direct the resume to the attention of Calvin Reid. If the Beat position, to the attention of Heidi MacDonald.

If you wish to apply via email, send a note to my email. I will forward appropriate responses to Calvin.

That’s it — adventure awaits!


  1. If I had any money, I’d pay to work this job. As it is, some very lucky person is going to be off to a great start. To those who are thinking about this, don’t wait. If you can do it, this experience is gold. So, DO IT!!!

  2. Sorry, Heidi, I’ve already hitched my wagon… but can I be one of your nameless minions, gathering information, dispensing snark, and preparing this wretched mudball for the glorious revolution?