Today Comixology Originals announced details for Cold Iron, a new digital exclusive 4-issue  supernatural thriller steeped in Celtic mythology, created by English writer Andy Diggle and Scottish artist Nick Brokenshire, featuring colors by Triona Farrell and letters by Simon Bowland.

Here’s how Comixology describes the miniseries:

In Cold Iron, the Isle of Man is a place out of time. Steeped in Celtic myth, Viking history and Faerie folklore, it nestles in the Irish Sea midway between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales — though to aspiring singer-songwriter Kay Farragher, it feels a million miles from anywhere. She dreams of escaping the humdrum life of a sleepy backwater, and gives no credence to her grandmother’s old folktales and odd superstitions. But when she saves Mona — a traumatized girl, lost in the night of Hop-tu-Naa, or Manx Samhain — Kay quickly realizes this is no mere Halloween prank gone wrong. In the mossy glens and rainswept valleys of the island, the shadows of a forgotten past are gathering once more. There is another world, an older world, close by our own but out of reach. On this night the walls grow thin, and someone — or something — has clawed its way through. And it is here to hunt…

Writer Andy Diggle teased n the themes and idea behind Cold Iron in the official press release:

“The Isle of Man is a magical place, and holds a very special place in my family’s heart. From neolithic burial sites to Celtic stone circles and Viking castles, the island carries a sense of the ancient in its very bones. I learned at an early age that it’s always considered advisable to acknowledge the Other Folk when crossing the Fairy Bridge on the Port Erin to Douglas road. And you should never, under any circumstances, use the word “rats” in the company of those who hold to the old ways. I once made that mistake as a child. . . . Moments like that, and old ruins we found, have been percolating inside me for years, and finally found their way into Cold Iron. I wanted to capture that childlike mix of awe and fear, threat and whimsy; weave together some of my favorite real-world locations with the enduring and oddly sinister quirks.”

As a writer I’ve always loved throwing grounded and believable characters into extraordinary new realities, so when things start getting scary and weird, Kay and Mona are just as out of their depth as you or I would be. All I can say is, when your world is turning upside down and nothing quite makes sense anymore, trust your gut and listen to your gran!”

Artist Nick Brokenshire who has been friends with Diggle for years, echoed his excitement for the project

“Andy and I have been friends for a few years. When he told me his idea for Cold Iron I jumped on it! I love all things to do with Fae and Celtic mythology and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to draw a courageous young woman in a leather jacket carrying a beat up guitar. And beat up old Land Rovers! And gorgeous scenery! And mythical creatures!”

Cold Iron issue #1 (of 4) debuts on May 10, 2022 from Comixology Originals, the exclusive digital content line of Comixology, an Amazon company. Check out preview art below.

Cold Iron

Cold Iron Cold Iron Cold Iron