200705111226A couple of notes related to the late (and dare we say great) Dave Cockrum. Longtime friend Clifford Meth tells us that Cockrum’s widow Paty has approved the creation of The Dave and Paty Cockrum Foundation, a scholarship fund for a worthy cartooning student. Details are forthcoming, but Joe Kubert is coordinating the establishment of the fund, and the scholarship will probably be to the Kubert School.

Meanwhile, Meth notes that the hardcover Cockrum tribute book is currently available through Bud Plant and Aardwolf Publishing. It will be solicited in the July Previews. “It’s beautiful and contains 128 pages (the paperback was 88 pgs) with lots of new contributors, including George Perez and Tom Spurgeon. Some copies have original Dave Cockrum art tipped in,” says Meth.


  1. I read a copy of Giant Size X-men #1, which was included in the big hardcover of Ultimate X-men #1 and the whole team on that, including Dave Cockrum, put together such a brilliant comic. To this day, there are ideas in there that havbe been used in the X-men story.