Our pals over at Comic News Insider have just posted their 200th episode gala which features an interview with Michael “Ben Linus” Emerson, including him reading famous movie lines as the Lost linchpin. Artist John Cassaday also guests, and he announced that PLANETARY #27 will be out in October.

Ya hear that?

According to various blog posts, tweets and what not, writer Warren Ellis finished the script to #27 in 2007. (The 27-issue series first appeared in April 1999) Pages were coming in as of a month ago and now…it is finished.

We won’t believe it until we turn the last page but…it’s on a podcast so it must be true!


  1. Thanks for letting the kids know, Heidi. Yes, Cassaday made that announcement and it’s gonna happen. And the Michael Emerson bit was hilarious. We also had Vito Del Sante, Kevin Colden and Miss Lasko-Gross on. Fun bits and fun times!