Clive Owen - 5 - Inside Man
Clive Owen is in the dark about SIN CITY 2!:

“I honestly don’t know what’s happening there because everybody’s talked about it. It’s been announced a few times that it’s happening but I have no idea what’s happening there. I mean I don’t know when they’re going to do it or who’s doing it. I have no idea.”

When asked what he knew of Sin City 2’s story, A Dame to Kill For:

“Oh, I know that but it’s just that’s been talked about and it’s floating out there as an idea but no one has ever talked to me about it. He (Robert Rodriguez) told me that that’s what he’s doing but I have no idea when or what’s happening with it.”

Ah, Clive, Clive, you poor, pretty fool. Don’t you know that your character in A DAME TO KILL FOR doesn’t even look like you??? If you read The Beat like all sensible people, you would know these things.


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