‘Tis the holiday season, which for more than a fair few of us is a difficult time of year to navigate. As gift guides are posted all over the web (including here at The Beat), sometimes it feels like the whole world is thriving. Little acts of kindness can go a long way any time of year, but especially as we barrel into the new year. Thus, it’s refreshing to see the Crowded creative team Christopher SebelaTed Brandt, and Ro Stein offering to send free comics to readers for the holidays, no questions asked.

Sebela is offering full runs of one of his books to the first 50 people to email him. He encourages his followers to tell him if they want to check out a particular title and, while he can’t promise he’ll send that exact one, he does promise to send out all books before the end of the year — which doesn’t guarantee a Christmas delivery, necessarily, but could surely make the season overall feel a little less grim.

While Sebela’s offer is limited to readers in the U.S., Brandt and Stein are offering comics to readers living in the UK. The pair will send 10 copies of the first Crowded trade to the first 10 people who respond.

Since this is a limited offer, I reached out to Sebela before writing this piece to get his permission. As frequently as we cover issues in the industry (of which there are many), it’s just as important to cover the good stuff, too.

If your holidays can use a little free comics boost — or even if you just want to spread the word by sharing this offer — head to Twitter before spots are filled! We could all use a little comics-related cheer right now, am I right?