In a press release put out today, on Tuesday, March 15th, 2022, BOOM! Studios announced that Christine Larsen‘s Orcs will be returning with Orcs!: The Curse!

The first issue of the four-issue series will be arriving at your local comic shop beginning in June 2022.

Orcs!: The Curse

Orcs!: The Curse is the follow-up to 2021’s Orcs!, and according to the press release, you can expect to see some familiar faces making their return alongside a new cast of characters.

Here’s what BOOM! Studios says about the story of Orcs!: The Curse:

“The fun and fantastical ORCS! return with a brand new adventure that’s darker and more rambunctious than ever! After returning from their travels and celebrating with a dance party, a prank gone wrong inadvertently unleashes something ancient and evil. Even worse, in a tower in the middle of a dark forest, a wizard with grand, sinister plans needs a real army, and his sight turns toward the Orcish tribe…”

In an interview with The Beat, Larsen explained that she is a fan of the fantasy genre who is especially interested in the elements of the world that don’t usually get explored.


“I love all the henchmen, and I love all the villains, and I love all the guys that show up just for a minute and are just disposable people,” Larsen said. “I am always more interested in the disposable people than I have been in the main character’s story. That is where my interests always lie.”

Arriving June 2022

Will you be picking up Orcs!: The Curse #1 when it arrives at your LCS in June 2022? Did you get a chance to pick up the original Orcs! series, either issue-by-issue or in TPB?

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