You can now check out all of DC Comics new comics for May 2020 after the publisher released a list of forthcoming books Tuesday afternoon for May 19 and May 26.

Now, ordinarily this would not be news, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, comics distribution has been hamstrung. DC released a handful of new comics today through alternate distributors, marking the first major releases since Diamond stopped accepting new product in late March. The last time New Comic Book Day happened with relative normalcy was way back on March 25.

Diamond announced that it would be enabling Wednesday releases to resume for the rest of the comics publishing world as of Wednesday, May 20. DC Comics, apparently, will continue releasing its books through alternate distributors until the end of May, at least. Whether it goes back to being Diamond Exclusive after that? Well, that’s a good question.

Anyway, the full list of DC Comics new comics for May 2020 can be found below. You’ll notice, they seem to be ramping back up to full strength, with the publisher’s flagship Batman and Superman titles remaining noticeably absent. Anyway, here it is:

Tuesday, May 5:

  • New Comic Books:
    • Batman and the Outsiders #12
    • DC Super Stars #17 (Facsimile Edition)
    • The Flash #753
    • The Green Lantern Season Two #3
    • Hawkman #23
    • House of Whispers #20
    • Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity #4

Tuesday, May 12:

  • New Comic Books:
    • Harley Quinn #72
    • Justice League #44
    • Justice League Odyssey #20
    • Lois Lane #10
    • Metal Men #6

Tuesday, May 19:

  • New Comic Books:
    • DCeased: Unkillables #3 (of 3)
    • The Dollhouse Family #6 (of 6)
    • The Flash GIANT #4
    • Plunge #3 (of 6)
    • Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #10 (of 12)
    • Red Hood: Outlaw #45
    • Wonder Woman #755
    • Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen #3 (3rd Printing)
  • New Collected Editions:
    • Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
    • Nightwing: The Gray Son Legacy
    • Stargirl by Geoff Johns
    • The Flash by Mark Waid Book Seven

Tuesday, May 26:

  • New Comic Books:
    • Aquaman #59
    • Basketful of Heads #7 (of 7)
    • Batman Beyond #43
    • Books of Magic #19
    • The Flash #754
    • He-Man and the Masters of the Mulitverse #6 (of 6)
    • Justice League #45
    • The Low, Low Woods #5
    • MAD Magazine #13
    • Our Fighting Forces GIANT #1
    • Suicide Squad #5
    • Teen Titans #41
    • The Terrifics #27
    • Wonder Woman GIANT #4
  • New Collected Editions:
    • Batman: The Caped Crusader Vol. 4
    • New Teen Titans Vol. 11
    • Superman Vol. 3: The Truth Revealed


  1. Does anyone else just think this is a dreadful idea? I mean, personally, I think all this “reopening” is gonna backfire on the entire country hardcore come June, all because we were “inconvenienced” for one month. But I digress…

    I have NO income. Laid off for the time being. I tried for unemployment and was denied because I live in NC and we’ve got crazy conservatives blowing up the unemployment laws for their citizens. So no unemployment. How in the world would I even purchase these comics DC and Diamond are planning on moving out in May? And I suppose the only way of purchasing them would be curbside if that, because many places won’t even be really open until May. What’s changed? Nothing. Be we all want to act like it’s business as usual. While many places will still be sheltered in place. Lots of people still won’t feel safe going out. Will comic shops allow browsing and entry into stores come mid-May? And what about everyone who’s got no additional income to put towards weekly comics? If anything these actions might get myself and others to drop news comics all-together. I’ve got boxes upon boxes of comics to read! And I’ve been enjoying catching up on my overgrown pile of current comic releases. I just wonder if this will backfire on the companies, or screw over the customers who won’t be able to stay up with their favorite books. Time will tell.

  2. Anyone laid off in Canada has received 2000 per month since march… about 7 million canadians… the other 8 million who normally work are still at work. I work full time still on construction.

    My guess is an enourmous number of Americans received some portion of the 2.2 trillion in covid emergency money in the usa… while another huge percentage are still at work.

    Also isnt the emergency money Federal not ur state… my guess is you may even have just applied for the wrong aid. Its not regular ei you want but covid ei…

  3. Truth of the matter is, people who can afford to buy comics are well off, it’s a luxury product nowadays…

  4. “Truth of the matter is, people who can afford to buy comics are well off, it’s a luxury product nowadays…”

    Exactly. The people who drop $4 and up for pamphlets have lots of disposable income. They’re not worried about paying bills and rent.

    I think floppies should be priced like daily newspapers, which are about $2.50. Of course, that would be vigorously opposed by publishers and retailers. Maybe it would work if comics were still being read by as many people who read them in the ’60s, or even the ’70s or ’80s. But not today.

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