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Comics have always been a collaborative medium (though you can dispute the extent of contributors input and editing til the cows come home) but the internet has certainly opened up the concept, allowing it to be explored in new and different ways and making it much easier for artists to connect.  Sweeping general statements aside, here’s another interesting comics collaboration project for you to bookmark (not to mention quality free comics): the Tiny Tiny Stories tumblr.

Initiated and organised by the excellent Sloane Leong, Leong writes the short stories herself and then passes them on to various artists to be interpreted and converted into comics as they best see fit. So far you can see comics by Emily Carroll, Ryan Andrews, Charles Huettner, Mare Odomo, Brian Fukushima and many more. It was only started in May and there’s already 18 contributions for your viewing pleasure, so definitely one to keep an eye on- I’m really liking the easy, open scope of this and it’ll be interesting to see how it comes along.

Tiny Tiny Stories tumblr

Illustrated by Charles Huettner 
Illustrated by Emily Carroll