053005 Red White Blue
We’re taking the next few days slow on the blogging front. June is the cruelest month as far as the circuit goes — four shows in one month, and we didn’t even go to Chicago. We need a little time to recharge, regroup and change the kitty litter, and the number of typos we’ve been making lately should show how badly we need it. We still have like a zillion photos we never even posted…maybe we can work on that in what they call the spare time. Hopefully all the scandals and intrigue will take the next few days off as well. Monday we’ll be up and at ’em for the Race to San Diego, with all the excitement, heartache and headaches.


  1. Since I have to finally start writing the next issue of our magazine, I’ll be at the keyboard and will try to post some stuff to keep people content until The Beat returns next week.