The technical causes of the heartache and frustration experienced by those hoping to register for this year’s CCI: San Diego were enough for the CCI folks to issue the following statement:

Comic-Con badge sales opened this past Saturday and while the allotted badges were processed there was clearly an issue with some customers experiencing a frozen screen. We, along with Epic registration, are in the process of investigating this and hope to have an answer as to what occurred. Please know that we take this issue very seriously and offer our sincere apology for those who found themselves in this predicament.

Thank you for your understanding in what we know was a very difficult experience for many.

It seems that mankind has yet to cure the common cold or build a website strong enough to withstand the hordes of would-be Minecraft cosplayers. Is it possible to build a website sturdy enough? Will we ever find out? Stay tuned.

BTW, some stories and commenters on this year’s badge race suggested that some 130,000 people will be at the show each day. I’m pretty sure that is technically not true: according to these capacity charts, the ground levels (halls 1-h) holds 48,910 in theater mode, 32,000 in banquet mode, and the next two levels hold maybe (spitballing here) 25,000 more in theater mode . (In addition the fire marshal allows 38,000 on the outdoor mezzanine terrace.) Allowing for the giant smoke machine booths and Cave Troll displays, and you’re looking at considerably less than 130,000 people at one time. Just another reason why demand is so high.



  1. TicketMaster’s website is able to withstand huge demand to big stadium concerts from the likes of U2. Unfortunately, they add quite a lot to the ticket price, but I’m just pointing out that it can be done. Also they went through years of crashing for big events but these days they are as solid as it comes. So I don’t think it’s not possible, it is just not easy to pull off and requires quite the infrastructure.

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