A few quick photos from last night’s event which was a packed hoot with all the folks from Act-i-vate, ComicSpace, the CBLDF and assorted out of towners from Oregon, England, Italy and maybe even the Bronx.
Img 3997
There was drinking but also drawing. You can see folks like Jeffrey Brown, Larry Marder, Paul Maybury and more slaving away.
Img 3999
The CBLDF’s Greg Thompson addresses the troops. Drama!

Img 4003
Alex Maleev, Jen and Greg Thompson and returned from world travels Ivan Brandon.

Img 4006
Tony Lee Dean Haspiel, and Neil Kleid.
Img 4007
The many drawings on hand! Ask at the CBLDF for those still available.

The party was great but many attendees spoke of the rigors of “the home show.” Not only must you deal with the upcoming con but regular stuff like taking out the garbage. It’s grueling.