Hm, Let’s see, FMB is in Blighty for BICS*, so maybe it’s time to sneak a peak at some…old friends.

Whatever happened to dear, dear Gerard Butler, we hear you asking? Well, aside from being linked to all kinds of Hollywood hotties, and scuffling with seniors at the dog park, he’s also starring in about seventeen movies this year.

The latest is called LAW ABIDING CITIZEN, and if the above still is to be believed, it is a welcome return to, er, form, even if he does need to buy a belt. It’s also a change of pace, he told Geoff Boucher, as he’s playing a bad guy.

He’s a crazed vigilante bent on taking down the entire legal system.

Yeah, baby! Tear it down! He’s also hosting Saturday Night Live in a few weeks. Odds of a joke involving Spartans: 3-1.

And what of Clive Owen? It seems he’s talking SIN CITY 2. It might be starting production next year! Not that old saw again!

“I’m hearing it might be next year,” Owen told MTV News. “I heard that from a very good source… recently.”

However, Owen wouldn’t reveal where he heard the news (“Maybe one of them,” he grinned, when asked if it was Miller or Rodriguez), and he didn’t let fans’ hopes get too carried away. According to the actor, he hasn’t read a script for the film yet.

More astonishingly, Clive was also recently spotted at FMB’s favorite bar on earth, Nevada Smiths, talking to the New Yorker. And it happened to be the one day FMB wasn’t there!!!

It was four-fifteen on a Tuesday. Owen was drinking a rum-and-coke, and he wore a black suit and a white cotton shirt, open at the collar. On the screen, his neck seems a little thick—a fullback’s physique—but in person he resembles a lean, eager midfielder.

A midfielder? Like Ashley Young?**

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Both Clive and Gerard were recently spotted in the same room talking to Bono and Jon Bon Jovi!!! What could they have talked about? Maybe something like this: “I miss Heidi’s posts.” “Aye, me too.”

FINALLY: These girls have all the proof you need that Clive and Gerard are just about the SAME PERSON.


It took all our will power not to show the side-by-side comparison of DDGB and CO snogging Angelina Jolie, but for that….you must click the link.

This concludes our broadcast day.

*If you understand the phrase “FMB in Blighty for BICS” you have been reading this blog too long.

**If you get this joke, you know too much about footie.


  1. Nevada Smiths is “an Official Bar of the US Soccer Federation”? I didn’t know any league had “official” bars!


  2. On 9/29 (“They’ll do it every time!”) you were upset about a media focus on breasts.
    I wondered if you were just bitchy because you were jonesing for some new topless-Jackman pics.
    And here you present a topless pic- Methinks YOU should have your own monthly feature in Wizard- Heidi’s favorite chests.

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