While the lesson to be learned in the marriage of Hollywood and Toontown is that directors make comics writers, the obverse is also beginning to be true, as comical types like Sam Kieth, Frank Miller and Dave McKean move into directing.

One of the best qualified comics-to-film transfers is Tomm Coker, who has made award winning short films over the years. Last year he co-wrote and co-helmed the horror film CATACOMBS, which is scheduled to be released by Lionsgate. Shannyn Sossaman and Pink topline, and you can see a very early leaked trailer above. Hurry because it could be taken down at any minute.


  1. This movie must be better than this awful, boring, generic trailer. Nothing about this trailer makes me want to see the movie.

  2. …”from the Producers of Saw”

    Well, that explains it all. I agree this trailer looks mightily disapponting…much like Saw and Saw 2 were.


  3. From the guys who did Saw and starring Pink. It’s nice to see “comic guy makes good” stories, but I kinda think this will land with a thud. Even Pink’s narration in the trailer sounds like bad acting. The story sounds a little intriguing though.

  4. P!nks voice makes the trailer sound awesome!! I think its gonna be a brilliant film im looking forward to it coming out!