This December, Cartoonito, the preschool hub on HBO Max and preschool block on Cartoon Network, is celebrating the holidays with four all-new 30-minute Cartoonito holiday specials plus additional holiday-themed programming preschoolers and families can enjoy all month-long.

Premiering on 12/1 on Cartoonito on HBO Max is Sesame Street The Nutcracker, the classic story is retold Sesame Street-style in an animated special that follows Elmo and his puppy Tango on a fantastical adventure filled with new music and friends. This 30-minute festive feature is a celebration of the greatest gift of all: friendship.

Cartoonito holidayClip and full description below:

The holidays are here on Sesame Street, and Elmo is determined to make it the best Christmas ever for Tango. At Elmo’s family holiday party, friends and family sing about how wonderful this holiday will be. The Count arrives bearing gifts for everyone, including a wind-up rocket ship for Elmo and a cute, nutcracker-shaped doggy toy for Tango. After a fun-filled night, Elmo and Tango fall asleep listening to Elmo’s dad, Louie, read them the story of The Nutcracker. Elmo drifts into a dream sequence where Tango can speak, and that’s when the adventure to magical lands begin.

Just a few days later on 12/5, three shows will be debuting holiday themed episodes starting with Sesame Street Builders at 9 am.

Clip and description below:

“Yip Yip Tree Tree/The Snowman Scarecrow,” — When the ornaments on the Pretty Big City tree break, the Mechas must build new ones and save the holidays for their friends./It’s time for Zee and MacBarm’s gift exchange, but the snowman scarecrow Zee made for MacBarm keeps blowing away!


Then at 9:30 am Bugs Bunny Builders, the Looney Tunes newest preschool show will have a fun episode that follows The Looney Builders as they prepare to host a big holiday lights festival in Looneyburg Park.

Clip and description below:

“Looneyburg Lights” — The Looney Builders prepare to host a big holiday lights festival in Looneyburg Park when an unexpected snowstorm prevents Looneyburgers from attending.


Finally at 10:00 am Batwheels, DC’s first-ever Batman preschool series celebrates the holidays with a Bat-Tastic special that follows the Batwheels as they try to stop Mr. Freeze from ruining Christmas in Gotham City.

Cartoonito holiday

Clip and description below:

“Holidays on Ice” — Frustrated by the Batwheels’ distracting affinity for holiday festivities, Batwing decides to “go solo” to thwart Mr. Freeze’s evil Christmas-time plots. However, Batwing and the Batwheels soon realize that stopping Mr. Freeze is much harder when they all aren’t working together as a team.


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