Writer Joshua Dysart (MAKE % WISHES!) goes to Uganda. It is not a paradise:

Just five days before I’d been on the back of a motorcycle traveling through up-country Uganda, not far from the Sudan border, en route to an Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp (or what one northerner called a “concentration camp”). Crossing an abundant but haunted patch of earth. Mango and jack fruit trees stood loyal as sentries every few kilometers and casaba root was betrayed by its emerald green thin stalks erupting from soft, red soil. And the ghosts? Spectres of a 20 year long war. Unmarked land mines, cholera, AIDS, a massive orphan population (a children to adult ration of about ten to one as far as I could tell), absolute poverty and a continued military presence which is supposedly there to protect the locals from the LRA rebels but whom many of the Acholi (the tribe most interrupted by the conflict) believe is there to keep them from leaving the camps.

On a more upbeat note, cartoonist Dan Goldman(SHOOTING WAR) goes to Brazil.