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We dropped by the signing for Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge last night. Arrived late, and the place was crowded but we heard it had been absolutely mobbed earlier, and Josh was still signing books right until things broke up at 9 pm. So, a success! It couldn’t happen to a more deserving cartoonist or project. Josh told us the signings in New Orleans over the weekend were “amazing,” selling out at one location. “People were really grateful to have their stories told,” he said.

We didn’t get any pictures of Josh, but we did snap this iconic one of Dan Goldman and Dean Haspiel, which represents the way graphic novels are conquering the world!

We also snapped this pic of Tim Hamilton and Joan Reilly, conveniently showing the front and back covers of the book, and you can actually see Josh’s ear behind Joan’s right shoulder. That’s Joe Infurnari and his awesomely fashionable friend to the left. Anyway, Josh was really busy the whole, we just couldn’t get near him.

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Other folks we chatted with: Chip Kidd, who enjoyed last week’s Bryant Park event, although he’d suffered terribly in the heat; Ada Price, Hilary Florido, and Sean Pryor, who are apparently forming some new kid gang; Larry Smith of SMITH Magazine, which gave birth to A.D., David Heatley, Tom Hart, Joey Manley, and a lot of people who we waved at but couldn’t talk to.

It was yet another night of good comics and good energy. People are making progress, slowly in some cases, but moving forward.

There is one thing that was really, really notable about the evening in hindsight…no one gave a shit about comics gossip or comics gossip sites. Really. It’s a great way to live.


  1. Yup… great party! Even did a little comics brainstorming…

    The book is excellent, although I would like some background on certain events… why was the convention center crowd ignored, what is the state of the city now…?

  2. Wow. Thanks for posting some pics, Heidi. I wish I could’ve been at the NY party, but deadlines loom. It’s quite humbling to see the book being received so well. And Josh was right—people in New Orleans are excited about the book. If one thing spanned all the signings and parties (five in all between Friday and Sunday), it was that people wanted to tell us their own Katrina stories. And that’s the thing about New Orleans—everybody’s got one!