Shannon Wheeler, creator of Too Much Coffee Man and many other projects, has asked for help getting the word out that he is the victim of a scam that has led to identity theft. He posted his warning on Facebook and other social media, and as the comments show, this scam is being run against many other artists and creators.

It involves an offer of work and fake payment sent, and then repayment is demanded, claiming the project is on hold. According to Wheeler, he’s being named in some emails as the perpetrator of the scam.

I’m Shannon Wheeler and someone is using my name and project details similar to some of my own work to lure working artists into a fraud scheme. I’m working with law enforcement to get to the bottom of it and need your help! If you were contacted by anyone using my name to work on a project, please forward the details so I can share them with police.
In December of 2021, these people stung me with the same project details, which seemed plausible. When they sent me a check for the job (which bounced) they quickly demanded a refund in the form of a cashier’s check claiming the job was put on hold. Even though their check bounced, they harassed me with constant threats unless I sent them money. Now they are doing this to other cartoonists and claiming I’m behind it!
After decades of work as a cartoonist, teacher, and event organizer who just wants to serve the comics community, this has been extremely demoralizing. Please help me fight back so that these people can’t hurt any other cartoonists! Please DM me here if you have any information that can help the authorities with this case. Let’s put a stop to this fraud!
Thank you,
Shannon Wheeler
If you’ve been contacted by a scam that mentions Wheeler, you can contact him on Facebook or Twitter.
A lot of scams of this kind are being run out there in these wild, decentralized days – be careful out there.