Amazon Prime Video is bringing yet another fantasy series to the table. On Monday, the studio released a first look at urban fantasy drama Carnival Row, which stars Orlando Bloom as Rycroft Philostrate and Cara Delevingne as Vignette Stonemoss. The series takes place in Victorian fantasy world where humans live alongside immigrant mythological creatures whose homelands were invaded by men. These supernatural beings struggle to live peacefully, because they can’t live freely, which creates an undercurrent of tension for the story.

Carnival Row, which premieres Aug. 30, follows Bloom’s character, a human detective, as he rekindles a dangerous romance with Delevingne’s character, who is a faerie, as the pair are investige a string of murders that threaten everything.

The series also stars David Gyasi as the mysteriously wealthy faun Argeus, who assimilates by moving into a human neighborhood; Karla Crome as the faerie poet Tourmaline, who was driven from her war-torn homeland; Indira Varma as powerful family matriarch Piety Breakspear; and Tamzin Merchant as the aristocratic Imogen Spurnose, who sees Argeus a chance to change her family’s fortunes.

Pacific Rim‘s Travis Beacham, whose 2005 story A Killing on Carnival Row is the basis for this new series, will executive produce alongside Mark Guggenheim (Arrow) and Rene Echevarria (Teen Wolf, Castle). Check out the teaser trailer below.


  1. Orlando Bloom and ex-super model Cara Delevingne. The two prettiest fairies going around.
    With Guggenheim on EP, and potentially freer than Network TV production values, I’ll look at it – when or if it comes out on DVD

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