Carla’s brother, Jason McComb, posted an update on their condition in our comments:

I am Carla’s brother. I live in South San Francisco and commute to Orange, CA where the UCI Burn Center is. I just got back from visiting them yesterday, and I am happy to report that they are both out of danger and have begun the hard tasks of rehabilitation from both the smoke inhalation and burns. Burns require daily cleaning and the ‘hydrotherapy’ is taxing and painful. Carla is able to talk and is walking a little, and we hope that Lance is not far behind.

Fortunately, UCI is a top facility and even the nursing staff has decades of burn treatment experience. As far as bad situations go, its the best it can be right now.

So, at this time, anything that can be done to keep their morale up is vastly important. I have been out the comic world since high school (I am 42) so any help from the blogsphere would be most appreciated. Anyone know Stan Lee’s unlisted phone number?

Carla has asked for updates on the following:

Secret Invasion
Dark Reign (Rain?)
Final Crisis

Iron Man
The two new Thor books with Matt Fraction
Man of War
God Sized Thor

If anyone can email me at jasonmccomb @ with news or links on these subjects I would really appreciate it. I fly down again on Saturday and will share any well wishes, news or information that come my way.

Thanks everyone for their prayers and support,

Jason McComb