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William Shatner, beloved blowhard, pitchman, voice-over actor, and the man who made the phrase “Get a life!” famous as a nerd icon, would like to run for Prime Minister of his native planet, Canada:

The 77-year-old star said: “My intention is to be Prime Minister of Canada, not Governor General, which is mainly a ceremonial position.”

Shatner revealed his lofty ambition in response to a letter from a fan who urged him to put himself forward for the Governor General of Canada.

The Governor General is appointed by the monarch – which in Canada is currently Queen Elizabeth II – to perform the constitutional duties of the sovereign on her behalf.

In his letter, Shatner regretfully added: “I must, with my deepest thanks, turn down your honourable intent to advance me as Governor General. Besides which, I don’t have time to be Governor General.” Despite his busy schedule, the actor is confident he has what it takes to run the country, explaining: “As Prime Minister I can lead Canada into even greater exploits.”

While there is some potential that this is an errant thought and not a planned career change, the idea of the non-aggressive, harmonious people of Canada being led by Captain Kirk does lead down fruitful paths of reverie. One could imagine Kirk and his exploration team landing on Bloor Street, and the ensuing conversation with Spock over the communicator.

“Captain, sensors indicate a Grade 4 civilization, organized around the concept of a sporting competition involving men propelling themselves on ice while striking a small rubber disk with a curved stick. The game usually involves the ritual consumption of a beverage with intoxicating effects by the supporter of each team.”

“Spock, such a peaceful people should be left unaffected by Federation politics.”

“Captain, according to my data, the people of Canada are also known for their attractive women.”

“In that case, I’d better run for Prime Minister.”


  1. Uh, no we don’t want Don Cherry to run the country. *** Maybe *** run the NHL but even that’s up for debate.

    Captain Kirk would have to announce what party he’s running for before I’d consider voting for him.

  2. You don’t vote for Prime Minister, you vote for your Member of Parliament, and then they promote someone from within their ranks (usually the leader of the party with the most members) to be Prime Minister. Not that the article (or Shatner) is meant to be taken seriously, but just pointing out how it’s even more impossible for someone without party affiliation and backing to become Prime Minister than, say, a President in the U.S. (which is also difficult, but for very different reasons).

  3. Wow. That would be so funny if he won.

    We’d have a President who has been compared to Mr. Spock because of his coolness and reserved manner. And Captain Kirk for Prime Minister.


  4. Shatner would make a great Captain for Canada.

    We’d have to change the national anthem.


  5. Well, before he could ever be PM, he’d have to be an MP and get elected by his party, so, uh, good luck to him. Then again, the Liberal party leader wasn’t elected by his party this time, so hey! Maybe he’s got a chance!

  6. Shatner’s diplomacy would involve wrestling other foreign leaders in the California hills, discovering gunpowder and then shooting them.