Over at the First Second blog, Eddie Campbell interview Malaysian cartoon giant LAT:

CAMPBELL: What other things were you looking at when you were young? Davey Law’s Dennis the Menace perhaps?

LAT: The little Kampung Boy with the pile of hair is supposed to be me in the early days…there were two types of boys in the cartoon and comic world at that time – naughty ones with the bushy hair and nice boys with the nicely-combed centre-parting hairdo. Cartoonists the whole world over would draw like that…you’d see characters like Smasher and Dennis the Menace as good examples. Yes I read Beano and Dandy when I was a kid. We bought them second hand….no, more like third or fourth-hand… at the Sunday market. Sometimes I was lucky enough to be able to borrow Classics Illustrated comic books from school friends. The first one I read was The Man Who Laughs (Victor Hugo?)

Part two up today!!!

Spealking of Campbell, over at his blog he has just deconstructed an article on Biff! Pow! Comics aren’t for kids!

But I have found that the whole package tends to invite deconstruction rather than enjoyment. Looking at Ware first:
“The idea of serialised fiction in periodicals is by no means new, your literature-shaping and deadline-crushed countryman Charles Dickens being probably the best and most successful example.”
Is that a wise thing to write? surely it’s the parts of his work due most to the serial nature of the conception that make Dickens dreary to the modern consumer.