Following Philip Tan’s run on BATMAN & ROBIN, frequent Grant Morrison collaborator Cameron Stewart takes over the art, The Source reports.

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  1. Wow, I wonder what happened to Frazer Irving (he was supposed to do the three issue arc after Tan)? Irving seems to be really slow so that’s probably the real reason he’s not doing the art (of course something else could have happened entirely), but this would have been Frazer Irvings chance to really up his profile and get some good comic book coin. Great news for fans of Cameron Stewart though (such as myself)!

  2. I am very much looking forward to this. Mr. Stewart is a spectacular artist, whose visual skill is matched only by his considerable abilities as a crooner. Also, he is a true gentleman.

  3. I love me some Cameron Stewart, but I was really excited to see Frazier Irving’s Batman. I met him at SDCC this year and he was all smiles and enthusiasm about the project. And Morrison has been yelling about how he wanted FI on batman since Klarion.

  4. You know what? Good. If Quitely takes too long, I don’t mind in some other quality artists filling in and this lineup sounds great. Honestly, I’m not the biggest Quitely fan, but the man delivers. It’s just that he seems to not to do so on a monthly schedule and I don’t think DC or its fans can afford not getting this amazing book out on time.

  5. For a guy swinging on a rope over fast moving traffic Batman looks not only bored, but like it’s taking him very little effort. Pretty un-dynamic and, dare I say, boring pose?

    I love Cameron Stewert, by the way. Very unorthodox choice for a straightforward superhero/ action book. If he does well we could be seeing other non-mainstream people on books like this.

  6. Apparently Cameron Stewart is NOT replacing Frazer Irving. Rather, Fraser Irving is replacing Frank Quitely.

    At the very least, as far as Cameron knows it, Irving is doing the arc after his, which was meant to be Quitely. Perhaps there is another arc after that, or Quitely is going to launch the next phase of the Bat epic that Grant Morrison has been telling, but there it is.

    I’m pretty happy with the line up thus far either way. Tan has a ways to go in storytelling still, but I like his style and I think it’s perfect for a Bat book (plus, with a lot of lead time, I’m hoping he doesn’t cheat quite so much as he did on the GL arc). Cameron Stewart is just a great graphic storyteller…I’d love to see him on a more Kirby inspired book, as I think he did a great job on the Guardian…maybe Fantastic Four, or Challengers of the Unknown. His clean style would also be perfect for a book like the Doom Patrol, as it juxtaposes nicely with the absurd.

    And Fraser Irving is great. His work on “Azrael” was really above the pale, and represented a real evolution in his style even from “Klarion” and “Iron Man”.