Today at Marvel’s X-Men panel, a new crossover has been announced between Uncanny X-Men, All-New X-Men, Wolverine & the X-Men, and X-Men. Written between Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron and Brian Wood, this storyline will be called ‘Battle of the Atom’.


The story will see a team of X-Men from the future show up, whose goal is to send the original five X-Men back into the past, thus clearing all time travellers from the scene. So primarily this looks to be affecting All-New X-Men, whose premise has been centred around the original five for the last few months. The future X-Men are a bunch of the strangest choices, as you can see above — Molly Hayes, Deadpool and Xorn are all present, alongside versions of Wolverine, Beast and Iceman. The characters have all been designed by Art Adams, whose work on Molly Hayes is…. well.

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The most notable of these ‘old X-Men’ is this one, who appears to be either Charles Xavier or Cassandra Nova:




As said before, this storyline will cross through the four main X-Men titles, bookended by a ‘Battle of the Atom’ one-shot on each side. Starting in September and ending in October, here’s the full reading order for the storyline:

X-Men Battle of the Atom #1
Uncanny X-Men #12-13
All-New X-Men #16-17
Wolverine & The X-Men #36-37
X-Men # 5-6
X-Men: Battle of The Atom #2

This is Marvel’s storyline celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the X-Men, and it looks to be wrapping up a lot of the current plotlines in All-New X-Men, as well as teasing out some new ideas for Wolverine & the X-Men. I’m not sure how X-Men itself will get involved in the storyline as of yet, but the writing team of Bendis, Aaron and Wood is a pretty exciting one in my book.


  1. Honestly, Something Like this should be a fighting game in which us fans should enjoy. We are very limited to the Marvel fighting games. This should be a big hit if it were to become an actual game for one of the Consoles. Such as the Ps3, Xbox, Wii U, Ps Vita, and Nintendo 3DS. And I am very sure they are other people that would agree with me.

  2. The Molly Hayes who was raised by Nico, Karolina and the rest would never be caught dead in that outfit. Plus there’s no reason for her to have such a ridiculous build. She doesn’t need to lift weights, she’s already superhumanly strong even as a pre-teen.

  3. Very confused DC reader over here… I find it quite remarkable that the event is mostly self-contained. When I read the title of the article I thought they had gone mad by having two simultaneous events… which they are, but the Mutant event doesn’t seem to be so expensive (it reminds me of 2011 when the published Fear Itself and Spider-Island). They are still mercilessly flooding the market, though.

  4. I’m tired of all this time travelling, we have had too many characters that didn’t need to be in the same time as their counterparts IE: Nate Grey/Cable, Beast/ Dark Beast and the others (Too many to mention) How about a storyline to clear all that up?.. merge Cable and Nate Grey, send the original X-Men back to the past, Stop killing Jean Grey and Xavier every five, hell, stop crippling Xavier every time you want him out of action and seperate the teams like they were before.. Have your gold team, Blue team, Students/New Mutants and keep wolverine in one X-Men title and his own series.. Tired of seeing him in every X-title all at the same time..

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