Lawler Statefair1Recently we told you of the big shake up at the Iowa State Fair, with apprentice butter carver Sarah Pratt taking over for Duffy Lyon-sensei, the greatest butter carver of them all. Pratt’s debut was to be a life sized statue of Iowa native Brandon Routh in his signature Superman role, or should we say, roll. We begged for photos of this epic confection, and Joe Lawler, blogging at the Des Moines Register has obliged. There are more pics in the link, and some commentary, as well: “I was a little disappointed in the Brandon Routh. There isn’t a lot of detail in the face. The body seems about right, though.” Perhaps Pratt is still the learner? Still, an impressive feat, and not one for the lactose intolerant.

The comment section of the blog reveals a few haters:

There are 100,000 things to see at the Fair everyday. Why do journalists always race to the Buttercow? Pretty easy and lame story year after year.
Come on people, get creative.

Ninja, please! The buttercow is creativity incarnate AND pasteurized.


  1. Whoa! I was linked! Awesome.

    The Iowa State Fair is like the SDCC for Iowa times 10. But instead of Lobo shirts and goatees, its bib overalls and mullets.