What’s that you say, with Thanksgiving days away the comics calendar must surely slow down as we attend to the making of cranberry sauce and quest for hot toys.

No Way.

This is actually one of the BUSIEST weeks in comics! Especially for indie/small press comics with at least FOUR events on around the world!


The International Comic Arts Forum 

taking place in Columbus, OH at the Billy Ireland Library with Rep. John Lewis. Jeff Smith, Phoebe Gleockner and more. Tomorrow is actually the last day and if you were going you’re probably already there. This is one of the most important scholarly conferences of the year where comics are concerned, and our own Brad Ricca just presented his important find on the thesis of Paul Cassidy.  

shortrun_Marathon_2014web ShortRunBeachParty_Poster


is in Seattle tomorrow, November 15th! There’s a kick-off tonight at the Fantagraphics store and a party tomorrow. All sorts of activities, baking and comics.

Thought Bubble in Leeds is of course one of the TOP TOP TOP shows of the year, with indie and mainstream creators mingling in a bucolic setting. I recommend following our alums Steve Morris and Zainab Akhtar for all the info. ONce again, events have been underway for a week but there is MORE TO COME, including the presentation of the British Comics Awards. GUests range from Jeff Lemire to Jillian Tamaki and back again.



This is one of the most loved shows of the year, with a full week of events. Follow on the scene reporters Zainab Akhtar and Steve Morris for all the scoops and excitement. Plus British Comics Awards!





, the New Orleans Comics and Zine festival kicks off for the first time tomorrow! Their kickstarter to raise money for sandwiches was SUCCESSFUL for ham and swiss for all. There’s more info here,  but this show has a lot ov love and enthusiasm behind it and I hope it’s a success.

NCC-bumper-sticker-C-3x10 prepartysouth

NC Comicon!

We were a guest at this for two year and it was awesome. We’re skipping it this year, but it looks like another great time, with Fiona Staples, Neal Adams and many more. Pro tip: Durham is an incredible foodie town so make reservations ahead of time. The show kicks off with a party tonight.

Oh and congrats to show runner Alan GIll who just became a dad again YESTERDAY. I think he’ll have his hands full this weekend!

Finally, a note to showrunners; It is nice to include a GOOD SIZED IMAGE OF YOUR FESTIVAL POSTER RIGHT ON THE FRONT PAGE OF YOUR SITE. Just sayin’.