Did you know comics can be used as an educational tool? It’s true! Look at this moderately headlined story from the UK, for instance: Midlands supercriminal’s comic book guide to drug smuggling.

It features crime tips, including the best way to transport cannabis from the sea to dry land and safest way to communicate plans.

It also describes in detail how police undertake surveillance operations.

Jason said the book has proven a big hit at Winson Green where it is being widely read by inmates.

And said he hopes it will be contained in prison libraries in the future.

But last night Birmingham Perry Barr Labour MP, Khalid Mahmood, said he was shocked that prisoners have been allowed to read the book.

“I’m absolutely appalled,” he said. “I don’t want to stop former criminals writing about their experiences. But to actually put information into a book like this which will only increase the criminal knowledge of inmates is highly dangerous.”


  1. Imagine if comic book were printed on hemp paper? I think, if you were to be a drug mule- you’d have a hell of time to shove ’em up your poop chute and try to get pass the security checkpoint.



  2. This is actually part of a government initiative to ease the rampant over-crowding in our prisons, alongside the slightly less successful, Enhanced Thinking Skills programme that teaches inmates to think through and plan crimes better.