Hard to believe it’s been it’s over a year since new episodes of everyone’s favorite misfit superhero team, Doom Patrol. Unfortunately due to the current pandemic, the second season of Doom Patrol had to end production early, resulting in the season one episode short and ending on a cliffhanger with the team at the mercy of the Candlemaker. Fans will be happy to hear that not only will new episodes return in September, but the a Doom Patrol Season 3 trailer was also released.

As announced last year, for the third season Doom Patrol is moving exclusively to HBO Max. As we’d come to expect, the Doom Patrol Season 3 trailer promises even more kooky adventures. Perhaps most exciting for longtime comic fans is the glimpse of the villains Brotherhood of Evil members Brain and Monsieur Mallah making their debut.

Doom Patrol Season 3 Viewers will recall that both the Brain and Mallah have been referenced in previous episodes specifically in the episode “Doom Patrol Patrol” when Steve Dayton (Will Kemp) showed Rita one of the Brain’s old containment unit and in the episode “Penultimate Patrol” when a pre-Mister Nobody Eric Morden (Alan Tudyk) told his girlfriend that the Brotherhood of Evil replaced him with a gorilla who spoke French.

The teaser also seems to give us a glimpse of the previously announced Sisterhood of Dada, the show’s adaptation of the Brotherhood of Dada group from Grant Morrison‘s acclaimed Doom Patrol comic book run, will also be appearing in Season 3.

Doom Patrol Season 3 premieres on Thursday, September 23rd on HBO Max.

Doom Patrol reimagines one of DC’s most beloved groups of Super Heroes: Robotman aka Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser), Negative Man aka Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer), Elasti-Woman aka Rita Farr (April Bowlby), Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) and Cyborg aka Victor Stone (Joivan Wade), all led by modern-day mad scientist Niles Caulder aka The Chief (Timothy Dalton). Each member of the Doom Patrol suffered a horrible accident that gave them superhuman abilities, but also left them scarred and disfigured. Part support group, part Super Hero team, the Doom Patrol is a band of superpowered freaks who fight for a world that wants nothing to do with them.

Season three opens on the culmination of Dorothy’s (Abi Monterey) confrontation with the Candlemaker that leads to a devastating loss. The Doom Patrol is at a difficult crossroads and each member struggles to face who they are and who they want to be. And things get a whole lot more complicated when Madame Rouge (Michelle Gomez) arrives in a time machine with a very specific mission, if only she could remember it.

Doom Patrol is produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television with Jeremy Carver, Geoff Johns, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Chris Dingess and Tamara Becher-Wilkinson serving as executive producers. The series is based on characters created for DC by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney and Bruno Premiani.