§ Bob Greenberger is the new News editor at ComicMix:

Almost a year ago to the day, Mike took me to lunch to talk about my life post-Weekly World News and we began discussing a role for me within ComicMix. It led to additional writing and some work on Phase 3, which will be announced finally in the coming weeks. A fulltime post never quite gelled and that seemed fine.

Things are different now. The site is a little more mature and stable. They know what they need and one of those things is to take their news coverage to a new level and felt I could do that. I spat out a variety of thoughts as to what was working and what I saw as things that could be done differently. Mike agreed with most everything I said and threw the offer on the table. The salary and hours provides me with an incredible base to work from which takes a lot of mental pressure away.

§ We know you are sick of San Diego but when noted academic Henry Jenkins — who has made a study of fan group dynamics — posts his thoughts, it’s worth a link:

HJ: Luckily Henry and Cynthia were along, but it was overwhelming a bit, trying to negotiate and keep up with three people in a space that congested. So that was its own kind of challenge. Sometimes I was thinking it would be great just to be a single person navigating through the space and not have to have large-scale logistics! The scale of it just blows you away. I’ve been on the floor at E3, which is supposed to be one of the largest entertainment trade shows. I’ve done South by Southwest. But neither of them are anywhere near the scale of Comic-Con.

§ Indeed, Comic-Con is now so huge that Variety uses it as the baseline to judge the Democratic National Convention, where, you know, the potential future leader of the free world will be chosen:

The easy answer: Causes. In fact, outside the convention hall itself, it will be a veritable ComicCon of causes, as dozens upon dozens of events are slated throughout the week promoting everything from African poverty relief to the plight of war veterans to the world trade imbalance.

(Thanks to Beat Pal RS for many of these links.)