By Steve Morris

In really surprising news, it looks like Marvel have turned to comedian Brian Posehn and writer Gerry Duggan to take over their Deadpool series from the departing Daniel Way. Look, honestly —

Posehn, actor and writer for The Sarah Silverman Show/lover of naps and death metal, has delved into comics before with Duggan. In 2006 they paired up for an Image story called ‘The Last Christmas’, in which Santa fought zombies, to somewhat mixed reviews. The ‘Moore’ artist is likely to be Tony Moore, because Deadpool doesn’t seem like the kind of character who’d attract Terry or Alan.

This suggests more of a broad comedy approach to the character than any of the darker stuff brought to the character by, at times, Way, but most notably by writers like Joe Kelly, Gail Simone and Fabian Nicieza. We’ll have to see if that approach pays off for Marvel, and if the creative team plan to stay on beyond one arc.

It’s a strange move, but then, Deadpool has always been all about strange moves.


  1. Boooo…..I’ve seen Posehn’s standup and the guy just isn’t funny or smart. Guess I’m dropping the ONLY Marvel book I still read.

  2. D’yknow, I sat down and read a shed-load of Deadpool comics the other week to try and get behind why this character is popular, and just couldn’t see it. Maybe I’ll give this a try but I wouldn’t hold my breath for anything positive. So, can any one tell me why it’s so popular?

  3. @Alistair

    Which Deadpool comics did you read? It might make a difference (or not, if it’s just not your thing).

    Fans of the character tend to embrace the Joe Kelly and Gail Simone runs, and I enjoyed CABLE & DEADPOOL except when it got too bogged down in Marvel Universe crossover stuff. I liked the first couple arcs of the Daniel Way run (the Secret Invasion and Dark Reign tie-ins) but bailed after not liking the couple stories immediately afterward.

  4. At his best, Deadpool can be a one-man buddy action flick on paper using the comic book format for all the artistic advantages that it provides.

    Deadpool hasn’t always been at his best though.

    Let’s see how this turns out.

  5. @Alistair: Right, what those guys said.

    I like Deadpool largely because he’s a bit of respite from the self-seriousness of most current superhero comics. And because, played well, he’s like a Popeye or a Bugs Bunny character, an instrument of cartoon mayhem.

    I’m still reading and generally enjoying the Way run, but I’m with Rich in thinking it peaked early (meat suit!). A lot of the other stuff’s been pretty blah; some folks dug Deadpool Max but I read the first issue and it just seemed mean-spirited to me.

  6. Marvel is bringing in new voices and trying new things. I’m on board.

    I’m not as familiar with Duggan, but Posehin is hilarious (and I’ve got some time to check out more from Duggan before the book ships). This is a great teaming and I think will be the sleeper hit of this relaunch.

  7. I feel like the Joe Kelly run said pretty much all there was to say about this character from issues #1-25, and they could have ended the series there. It laid out the question of whether Wade’s occasional good deed made up for the destruction he usually leaves in his wake, and answered it satisfactorily.

    The art wasn’t always great, but it was genuinely funny and poignant, usually at the same time, right to the end. (“Thank you for the fruit basket. It was very…big.”)

    After that, he was basically only effective as a wacky supporting character. There have been plenty of good Deadpool comics since then, but they always seem to focus on guest stars and people like Irene Merryweather.

  8. I was willing to let this series end for me when Daniel way was done. Awesome run.

    Last Christmas was Ok. But Brian Posehin is a genuinly dark and snarky bastard. He is the Godzilla of Comic book and Metal nerds. If you don’t know his work, watch the comedians of comedy movie and specials to bask is his glory.

    Liking Deadpool’s current run. I can never go back and read thoce 25 issues that Joe Kelly wrote. There is no way it could live up to the hype.

    Let’s reprint Gail Simone’s arc please. It’s the best comedy she has written.

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