Fever Promo
The insanely talented Brendan McCarthy is writing and drawing aDr. Strange series for Marvel’s Marvel Knights imprint, to be entitled FEVER. McCarthy and Steve Cook will collaborate on the coloring. Here’s a test promo for the series.


  1. Nothing against McCarthy, who I like a lot, but I gotta say Ditko still out-freaks him, and did it with a lot less sweat.

  2. I concur.

    Too much Photoshop. It’s like he ran out of biomorphic ideas on the entire left side of the piece. Photoshop or any tool for that matter CANNOT and I mean CANNOT become a substitute for creativity.

    The left side of the piece reminds me of a teenage girl’s social network page. It’s even got that visually displeasing X-axis distortion. You know, all the shapes seem vertical.

    All that’s missing is “glitter”.
    I hope his mastery of the program will improve by the time the first issue ships.

  3. I agree with Saber Tooth Tiger Mike. I have a hard time getting a handle of Brendan McCarthy’s stuff. Sometimes I love it, (Strange Days, Solo) and other times I just don’t get it. I hate when the colors burn my retinas and I feel like I’m on a drug trip. This all means there can be a lot of non-sensical stuff just for the sake of being odd. He has so much amazing talent, but I feel he needs an editor to reel him in. I’m hopeful for Dr. Strange, but I certainly don’t want to look at page after page of neon colors and photoshop effects. That’s doesn’t equal good storytelling. I’m not real confident in his calligraphy skills either.

  4. While I have to agree with it being hard to top Ditko, I’m still very much excited for this. I’ll gladly pay for Dr. Strange book that looks like a “teenage girl’s social network page.”

  5. I often like Brendan MCarthy’s work, but that image is absolutely horrible. That is one of the worst drawings I’ve ever seen. But I’m excited to see the finished book.

  6. Boy, the indy-bitches are out in force today. James Kochalka, Evan Dorkin, Mr Sabre-Tooth, are you having your periods? Meeeeeow!

    I like Brendan’s McCarthy’s work, the little I’ve seen of it! That DC Solo was really cool, the best of the lot I thought. And actually own a copy of Swimini Purpose. Am I a bad person?

    That Fever picture looks about three hundred times better than most of the Marvel X-poop I see these days. I don’t know photoshop from candyfloss, but I like all those sexy fairydust sparkles!

    Girls, yo’ Daddy still loves you!

  7. I thought that image looks great!

    I will most definitely be in the line to pick this one up. I always thought Brendan McCarthy was a natural for Dr Strange. I hope it’s as freaky as fuck!

    I want my eyes blown out!

  8. Yeah, I’m having my period, Terry Cantor, and you can drown in my discharge, you clod.

    My comments were hardly nasty, and I gave McCarthy props, besides.

    Nice use of three disparaging refs to women in your sideswipe (“bitches”, “periods” and “meeeeeow” cat-fighting), and another nice touch slagging people for having an opinion on comics and then crapping on other comics (Marvel x-poop). Very happy you own an obscure Brendan McCarthy work, you’re not a bad person because of that, advertising your comic book hipsterism and running your modem-mouth just makes you another boorish internet twelve-yr old.

    Excelsior, creep!

  9. In my defense, I had a fever when I wrote that. I actually like the ridiculous use of photoshop, I don’t have a problem with that. I think Marvel should publish all sorts of crazy looking shit, that’s the kind of world I want to live in.

  10. The drawing is okay. The coloring sure looks awful. It’s like someone just got the program and was trying out all the filters and gradient shape tools. Yeah, definitely could be done better if a teen girl was jazzing up her web page.

  11. Just for the record, I did not colour that ‘promo’ image. Though as it states above I have collaborated with Brendan on the FEVER series itself. Regarding the negative comments up here… let me assure you that when you see the actual comic in print your expectations will have been well & truly exceeded… yowsah!