The wait is almost over-World War Hulk #1 (of 5) ships this June and nothing in the Marvel Universe will be the same when it’s done!


  1. You know what’d surprise me? The time they use a line like “Everything in the Marve Universe will be the same!”

    In times of instability and chaos (as we seem to be facing nowadays), wouldn’t it be nice to have something stable for a change? Guess I’ll have to get my stability fix from TVLand and TCM instead.

  2. crazy theory:

    one more crossover [maybe his one] and they can destroy Marvel Earth 616. then start focusing on another dimension, where the status quo is reset. Spider-man has a secret identity, Iron Man is in-character, Rogers is alive etc.

    one unlucky pariah could be the sole interdimensional survivor, like DC’s Psychic Pirate. hell, it could be Marvel’s Crisis.

    hey, Joe Q., I’ll only charge $ 220 [x 100] for that.

  3. I don’t care what they say it’s going to change, I loves me some Hulk! I’ve been looking forward to World War Hulk more and more as I’ve read Planet Hulk. This Hulk is mean and I can’t wait for him to get home.

  4. Hector, that is one of the worst Ideas I’ve ever heard. That said, I almost always ignore DC and Marvel when some huge crossover event happens. (shhh..that’s not usually where the more talented artists are)

    Of course, I will be anticipating DC’s Green Lantern wars soon to come!! :)

  5. There are serious rumors out there to support Hector’s theory. Rumor is Hulk destroys 616 earth completely and the whole Marvel universe starts from scratch.

    That would take big balls on Marvel’s part. If they did it I would have HUGE respect for them on the attempt alone.

    The Tiki

  6. “Rumor is Hulk destroys 616 earth completely and the whole Marvel universe starts from scratch.”

    Ah-HA! So THIS is how Joe Quesada plans to seperate Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson!

  7. “Apparently MJ leaves Petey when she becomes allergic to Tide.”

    So, the statue is a tie-in to the storyline?? I suppose Laundy-MJ will be featured on several variant covers.