Seriously, can we declare a moratorium on the use of the hype phrase “He’s doing the best work of his career here” by editors, writers, publishers, etc in promotional interviews. In this case it is Mark Millar talking about Steve McNiven and their new Marvel project, NEMESIS. But after you’ve read “Spike’s work on Final Secret: Attack of the Colon Dance is the best of his career” 20 or 80 times, it begins to lose some punch.


  1. Agreed. Just once I would like to see an editor proclaim that someone is doing ‘the most recent work of his career’.

  2. Now more than ever, [he/she] is doing the best work of [his/her] career, in bed. They’re detectives!

    Well, if an artist or creator isn’t improving with each story, why bother?

  3. And of course, the event will end in March 2012.

    Just call the damn book “This Will Be Delayed Before It’s Over, Guaranteed” and be done with it.