We haven’t actually been putting too much energy into a cadaver derby here at SBM, but chances are, in any random polling, the frontrunner for the next comics company to fold would have been Narwain, the Italy-funded company that never seemed to go anywhere. Although they had top-name talent attached, and put out a number of comics and “prestige format books,” no one seemed to know or care about their output.

Were getting word from numerous sources that the company has officially closed up shop — details are sketchy, but it would seem to apply only to the American publishing arm — as we mentioned, Narwain was funded by a large Italian printing company, which published in 15 different countries — or maybe 14.


UPDATED 15:00 hours: Now we’re hearing that ALL of Narwain’s publishing, which included licensed titles in several countries, is shutting down. Unconfirmed.


  1. A pity if true, they had some really good stuff. Then again, going by their poor web presence alone the writing was on the wall … in hindsight.

  2. Free Fall was a good book, but I’m not convinced it had any business being a miniseries instead of a graphic novel.
    Besides, it might still come out, if under a different publisher.

  3. I am in direct contact with Narwain, have been phoning with them right now. This news is absolutely wrong. They are reducing activities in the US, that’s true, but they are not closing at all. I have two sources directly at Narwain, who are confirming this!

  4. UPDATE! FIENDISH FABLES has been released from the contract with Narwain and has now been signed with Brain Scan Studios! The book is listed in the January 2007 Previews catalog and will hit stands in March 2007. Order code is JAN073478.

    For more information about the book, and to check out the amazing new cover by David Wachter, visit http://www.fiendishfables.com